Joint action: what does that actually mean?

It is well known that a company can only be successful with good employees. The balance between teamwork and creativity is also an important factor in the modern age of digitalisation. Work life has increasingly turned to one’s own four walls, fueled by the home office.

This type of work provides freedom for employees, but there is often a lack of social contact and direct exchange. The new form of work is called ‘joint work’. This article describes what this trend is all about and how the new way of working can be implemented.

The basic idea of ​​joint work

The word ‘working together’ can simply be defined as ‘working together’. The word does not refer to a place that is visited daily for work. Instead, co-working describes a workplace that is limited in time but still flexible. People who use joint work for their work share buildings.

It can be understood as a common office of many different companies. Co-workers are mainly located in open-plan offices. Entire floors or lofts are often used for co-working.

Coworking spaces are primarily meant for social contact. This type of teamwork has its origins in the USA. More precisely, in California’s Silicon Valley in the first decade of the twenty-first century. In Europe, large cities such as Berlin in particular have adapted the idea of ​​a new world of work.

Berlin’s collective action community has grown exponentially since then. Those interested will find more than 150 offices for co-workers in the capital alone. The new form of work is becoming popular these days thanks to digital nomads who act independently of the location. A co-working space in Berlin that brings work-life balance in line with being trendy among young people.

Step towards joint action

Once the joint business decision is made, it is important to keep an eye on costs. The comparison clearly shows that prices vary by location. Prices in larger cities differ from co-working spaces in small towns or rural areas. In large cities, hundreds of euros for a modern workplace can quickly be appreciated. In the hinterland there are offers for much less than a hundred euros.

Today’s tickets are offered even to workers who don’t want to commit permanently. Prices usually start from 10 euros. Coworking space can be rented flexibly for one day, one week or monthly. Equipment for co-working spaces is reflected in the price. A desk and chair are standard, and paper plates or whiteboards are provided for presentations. In addition, co-workers will find cabinets and shelves for desks.

However, there is more to a well-equipped workplace than just furniture. For this reason, WLAN and technical equipment consisting of printers and scanners are included with many providers. Internet access is usually included in the rental price, so there are no additional Cowalker costs. Phones and faxes are also available.

Advantages of working together

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A co-working space cannot register only with good equipment. What defines co-working is the colorful mix of people from a variety of professions and industries. An internal network is provided so that the exchange of co-workers is uncomplicated.

Many people are already using this feature to achieve their career goals. Creative ideas often arise through social contacts. The co-working space brings freelancers, freelancers, founders, and startups together on one level. Interoperability can be understood as a creative formulation where the infrastructure is ready for use.

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