‘Let’s Dance’ dancer Renata Lusin explains partner choice: ‘He inspired me’

Renata Lusin dances with Mathias Meester on “Let’s Dance” – they both received support from Christina Luft in the triple dance in the last episode.Photo: Getty Images Europe / Joshua Sammer

Friday it’s semi-finals on “Let’s Dance” on RTL. With Matthias Meester, Janine Ullmann, Rene Caselli and Princess Bucher, only four of the starting 14 celebrities are still participating in the race. Matthias Meester premiered on the fifteenth season of the dance show: The athlete is the first short stature candidate to compete in the German version of the format.

He’s also the only celebrity who isn’t assigned to professionals by production like everyone else. Dancer Renata Lusin was allowed to choose a candidate because she won the professional challenge last year and chose Mathias. Now she spoke again about the choice of the 1.42 meter tall candidate when her fans on Instagram asked her about her. The decision on the show was anything but spontaneous.

Renata Lucien chose Mathias weeks before the start of “Let’s Dance”

Mathias actually does really well in “Let’s Dance” – the jurors ignore one mistake or the other in good faith. It also seems that the athlete is popular with spectators, after all, the callers decide, in addition to the jury’s points, whether the dancing couple advances or is left out.

Surrender Renata Lusin and Mathias Meester

Renata Lusin and Mathias Meester are all about Let’s Dance.Photo: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

It was by no means clear that Matthias would at least reach the semi-finals of “Let’s Dance”, after all, he and his professional dance partner are 28 cm, and for a number of standard and Latin dances you will usually need longer legs .

However, Renata does not regret her decision at all, as she confirmed in a question-and-answer session on InstagramWhen a fan asked her when she realized she would choose Mathias. She replied that the decision was made very quickly, long before the introductory offer:

When the celebrity announced.

Renata Lusin praised her famous stepson on social media.

Renata Lusin praised her famous stepson on social media.Photo: screenshot / Instagram / renata_lusin

It was supposed to be January 6 – at that time RTL announced the first batch of participants, and Matthias was right there. But she also let her fans tease why Renata chose track and field athletes: “He was the only guy who inspired me. It was the best decision ever, I’m so happy I’m doing everything for Matthias.” Next week, Renata and Mathias will present a contemporary and fast paced show on “Let’s Dance” as well as a tough challenge.

Renata Lusin was developed by “Let’s Dance”.

When it comes to dancing, the 34-year-old Renata knows how to make long-term plans. During the question-and-answer session on social media, she was also asked how long she had known she wanted to be a dancer. your answer: “Since I was very young.” She also posted a picture of herself that must have been around six years old. She also does not regret that her path led her to “Let’s Dance”: “It certainly developed me,” said the Russian mother with conviction.

Renata also loves to commit to love: She met her husband, Valentin Lusin, 19 years ago. Children should also be planned after a long time together, at least she answered a fan’s question if she wanted a child “sure.”


It was a sensation when professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova was allowed to return for this year’s “Let’s Dance” season after a two-year hiatus. Before stopping production, she won three consecutive times with Gil Overeem, Ingulf Locke and Pascal Haines. Soon, rumors emerged that RTL feared that when Ekat started, no one else would be able to win. That’s why she may not have been allowed to be there in 2020 and 2021.

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