Liverpool beat Aston Villa to stay close to Man City

Liverpool scored an important victory in action in their catch-up match at Aston Villa and tied with leaders Man City in terms of points. For a long time, though, the Reds had a tough time against the intrepid Villanes.

Liverpool match score: Sadio Mane.
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It started from the first action, also because the home team immediately attacked the Reds. Jurgen Klopp, who compared Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with Matip, Tsimikas, Keita, Jones and Diogo Jota, had five new players in the starting lineup (Konate, Henderson, Thiago, Salah and Robertson were comfortable (at the moment))), was already seen in the first goal in the minute Third. The bell rang in the visitors’ goal after Douglas Luiz followed up Alisson’s save and scored the opening goal from close range. The lead was short-lived, and Matip responded with a 1-1 lead after a free kick that Villa could not get past (6′).

The evolution of a live exchange of blows. The high tempo of the angry opening minutes did not stop at first, but the movements near the goal waned. Then the Reds gained increasing control of the match, creating good chances through Mane (20) and Keita (35), but lost midfielder Fabinho, who injured his thigh and had to be replaced by Henderson after half an hour. The pace and intensity waned slightly until the end of the first half, also because the Villains clearly wanted to salvage an equaliser during the break and thus defended closely.

Mane runs the game

The picture was the same after changing sides: the hosts were waiting on the counter-attack and made life difficult for the Reds’ attack. Two free kicks from Alexander-Arnold (48, 57) brought the first danger in the second round, but Liverpool gnawed their teeth out of the game. So the next goal came out of nowhere: Mane’s cross header from Luis Diaz on the goal line made it 2-1 (65).

After that, the speed of the match returned again, Ings suddenly appeared liberated in front of Alison, but failed in the goalkeeper (69). At the other end, Matip Martinez checked after a corner kick (76 minutes), as did Keita from the second row (82 minutes). In the final minutes, Phelan turned the heat up again and had two good chances through Ings – but the striker only found his master in Alisson (84th place) and then found himself offside (86th).

Liverpool only wanted to beat the last few minutes – and did so successfully because Aston Villa ultimately lacked the means to become dangerous again. In terms of points, the Reds are on par with leaders City, but they still have to hope for the failure of their opponent, who played a game less.

Goals and cards

1: 0Douglas Louise (3′)

1: 1Matip (6′)

1: 2mani (65′)

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referee team

Jonathan Moss

Jonathan Moss

game info

The FA Cup Final takes place on Saturday (5.45pm) between Liverpool and Chelsea. Aston Villa receive Crystal Palace in the league match on Sunday (3 pm).

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