Seven beautiful destinations for families in North Rhine-Westphalia

Autumn vacation at home
Seven Beautiful Excursion Destinations for Families in NRW

In a few days, NRW’s fall vacations will begin. If you don’t travel, you can also do a lot here. Our seven colorful holiday tips – for indoors and out.

The all-weather park in Kivila offers a lot. There is adventure farm, slide paradise, water park, playable airport, climbing parks, hay cruising, trampoline and much more.

The park is worthwhile even in bad weather. More than 8000 square meters with play pens, movement, indoor climbing world, small children’s play pens and a large conservatory providing enough space for fun and play even in the wind and rain.

All information about opening times and prices can be found here.

Treetop Walkway at Panarbora Nature Discovery Park

The treetop path is the heart of the Waldbrol Family Park. The path along the path starts from a 40-meter-high watchtower. With a length of 1,635 meters, you can stroll without barriers through areas of various shrubby vegetation. There’s also plenty to learn: In six interactive learning and experience stations, visitors learn interesting facts about the nature of the Bergisches Land.

Children can relax on the adventure playground or in the 20-meter play tunnel. In the hedge maze, you can test your sense of direction, and on the walk along the forest path, you will pass different stations that appeal to the senses.

All additional information is available here.

Königforster Forest Education Trail

If you want to learn more about native flora and fauna from around the world, take a walk along the four-kilometer educational forest trail in Königsforst. Strollers can not only read and learn here, but also hear, smell, and feel in the open-air museum. Outdoors and free. The path starts here.

After renovations, the Jump House in Cologne has opened again. Jumping, gymnastics, acrobatics, basketball, 3D dribbling and fitness – all on huge trampoline areas that also include walls. The good thing: You can also jump in the rain. All the information is here.

The Freischütz Climbing Forest in Schwerte is for the brave and those who want to become one. There are different challenges in the twelve courses with 110 climbing items. From hiking tourists in the Ur Mountains to high-altitude climbers in the ultimate test: the Himalayas. All courses are named after famous mountains. The higher the mountains actually are, the higher and more challenging the path is in the jungle.

All additional information is available here.

Illustrated book museum handsome burg

The museum between Cologne and Bonn is a real mecca for book lovers. The castle’s superb location in a park with deer park and adventure playground also makes the museum a popular destination, and the museum houses one of Europe’s most important collections of children’s books. It has countless originals by famous comic book authors and has several collections from different centuries. There are about 3,000 illustrated books in the reference library. Young visitors can play to their heart’s content in the adjacent playroom. The tower room offers a wonderful view in all respects.

More information about the museum can be found here.

Biggest show of NRW percussion in Eifel

A huge pumpkin display has been on display at the Krewelshof since September. This year’s theme is “Clear Ring of a Pumpkin Circus”. Over 100,000 pumpkins are elaborately processed at the Krewelshof and artistically organized in shapes and colors as circus figures. Visitors can expect great circus scenes such as artist pyramids, clowns, or rabbits being pulled out of a hat.

All information is available here.


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