Spousal relationship: what makes people happy?

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What makes people happy in a marital relationship?

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The happiness of the relationship between spouses lies in the hands of the people who lead it together. There are values ​​and prerequisites that make life together lovable. We would like to introduce you to what these are.

What is a marital relationship?

when couple relationship Denotes a romantic and loving partnership that consists of two people component. According to a survey conducted by the Statista Research Department 60 percent A respondent in a committed relationship. Couple walking together love relationship It appears abroad that they belong to each other.

Unlike an open relationship or a polygamous relationship, the spouses are committed to monogamy, that is, they believe in the exclusive right to sex and emotional openness to each other. There is no checklist when two people are in a marital relationship. Some seal their relationship by giving each other their relationship confess lovethe value of others deep relationship and mutual respect.

What types of relationships are there?

The forms of relationships go far beyond the marital relationship. An appropriate type of relationship can be found for every need and many stages of life.

  • fixed relationship: An exclusive marital relationship between two people.
  • casual relationship: A relationship without obligations.
  • open relationship: The couple lives sexually outside the relationship.
  • open marriage: Sex outside marriage is permitted.
  • friendship plus: Sometimes friends have sex with each other.
  • multi-angle relationship: He loves a person more than another person and establishes a relationship with him.
  • LAT relationship: Living separately means that two people are in a marital relationship and they live in separate apartments.
  • symbiotic relationship: A dangerous relationship model in which the spouses fuse and give up their own existence.
  • Monogamy: An exclusive sexual and emotional partnership.
  • polygamy: Polygamy is prohibited in Germany.
  • mix up: A mixture of celibacy and a relationship.

What is a marital relationship?

As with any form of relationship, it is also part of the marital relationship honesty And trust. Without these two pillars, the partnership rarely lasts. Which Basic values ​​and requirements She is also important to you in a couple’s relationship, only you can answer. but we have twelve ideas For you, what can belong to the relationship of spouses:

  1. love
  2. sincerity
  3. honesty
  4. cheerful
  5. humor
  6. Willingness to compromise
  7. openness
  8. Acceptance
  9. satiate
  10. hang in there
  11. the support
  12. Unconditional

It also includes the marital relationship Conflicts to solve it with your partner. Marriages, long-term partnerships, and relationships can exist harmoniously only if controversial issues, fears, feelings, and needs are openly and honestly discussed with each other. so it should Telecommunications Being an important part of your marital relationship.

What is the secret of a happy and long marital relationship?

Many researchers asked this question to themselves and did not come up with a clear answer. However, the following study, examined by Amy Rauer and colleagues from the University of Tennessee, is intriguing. They took the question: What are the marital problems of happy couples? The study involved 57 middle-aged couples with an average marriage duration of nine years and 64 older couples with an average marriage duration of 42 years. The result: Couples who have been in a happy married relationship for a long time often argue Problems that have a quick solution Give. This enhances coherence and visibility in addressing difficult conflicts together.

Arguing is also part of a happy relationship, it depends on what is discussed and whether the argument is so looking for a solution he is. Dealing with issues that cannot be resolved in the near future should be postponed.

While this knowledge is not the key to a perfect relationship happiness, it can put us on the right path.

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