The future of the Potsdam Tropical Hall is still open: SC Potsdam wants to run the Biosphere – Potsdam

Potsdam – SC Potsdam is interested in operating parts of the biosphere after a potential conversion into a cold air hall. In addition to the sports areas, the union is also available as a citizen meeting operator. CEO Peter Rieger said Wednesday to PNN. In the north of Potsdam, there is a lack of sports infrastructure. Rieger says that if city politicians decide to develop the biosphere in this direction, they would like to support it. “We are open to that.” He has already informed the city administration.

According to Rieger, the club can make more precise plans only once it becomes clear what opportunities the transforming biosphere provides for team sport. In addition to volleyball, climbing can also be envisaged. It also depends on whether you use the entire inner surface or only part of it for sports. “We’re thinking about four or five years ahead,” Rieger said. The association is already working in several schools in north Potsdam and sees the idea as an opportunity to develop in Bornstedter Feld. In Kirchsteigfeld he has been a patron of the local citizens’ meeting for years.

The club president is also behind this idea

According to him, SC Potsdam is the largest sports club in the state of Brandenburg with about 4,000 members, the pioneers being the women’s volleyball team and the bobsleigh section. The association has expanded in recent years, for example the takeover of the Penguin Swimming School in the north of the city in 2016. Former local SPD politician and project developer Andreas Klimond, who was also president of the municipal sports park Luftschiffhafen until mid-2020, has been president since last year. According to Rieger, Clymond is also behind the idea of ​​a biosphere.

City politicians are currently debating the future of the flawed Tropical Hall. In addition to modernization, the transition to more energy-efficient use is being discussed. Mayor Mike Schubert (SPD) and building management are promoting the transformation of the Tropical Hall into an educational facility for entertainment and climate. To date, the city council has had to spend more than 1.6 million euros annually on the deficit tropical hall.

Cost estimates for three types of the so-called cold air hall were submitted to the construction committee on Tuesday evening. Accordingly, in the best case, there will be 11 million euros and in the most expensive alternative will be 16.6 million euros of investments for the transfer due. Harald Kommel, the coordinator responsible for the city’s special construction projects, said the calculation is based on 2021 construction prices.

Many variables are discussed

As reported, a more drastic solution would be to house a neighborhood center in today’s foyer and to use the orangery as an event site. The outer walls of the Tropical Hall will be opened. normalization of the interior. The second variant also provides a hatch. However, in this variant, the sloping floor will be leveled and used as a multifunctional area. The third option provides for the preservation of the external walls in the central part and a multifunctional area in the former tropical hall that can also be used without restrictions in winter. However, an estimate of the operating costs involved is not available yet.

The message was mixed on the committee. Ralph Jackel (left) noted the lack of funding for a “neighborhood club with basketball” as there is for a national tourist attraction. Horst Heinzel (CDU) said the shift was the last chance to make something out of the biosphere that would benefit the region. However, there are still many open questions.

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The test goes back to the initiative of SPD City Councilman Pete Hoyer. This led to the emergence of what is supposed to be a cheap so-called cold air hall in light of the controversy over the planned conversion of the losing building of more than 20 million euros. As reported, the building management was initially very skeptical about this alternative – because everything had already been checked.

At the beginning of the week, Heuer again announced his alternative in an email to the city administration and parliamentary groups in the city council. His aim, Hoyer writes, is to “minimize investment and operating costs, and to create in the district an attractive center of business and a restaurant, sports and leisure activities suitable for the residents of Potsdam, especially in the north of the city”. In addition, the neighborhood center planned for the Reiherweg / Pappelallee site could then be accommodated in a more central location in the area.

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