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It may be unusual. Lots of sun. no rain. On Wednesday there was the first hot day of the year with a temperature of 30 degrees. And now comes the Omega Heat.

With a temperature of 30.1 degrees, it was warmer in Ullsbach in Baden-Württemberg. 30.0 degrees were measured at Worms, Mannheim and Baden Airport, but there were also as many as 29 in many other regions such as Berlin and Brandenburg.

The European model says: keep it very warm next week until the heat! The American model is still hesitating, I think, but it will follow suit. It looks like the very dry and warm days will continue next week. “There is no trace of ice saints,” qualified meteorologist Dominic Jung of tells BILD. Next week in the west and south partly calculated 33 or 34 degrees at the peak. This puts us in the record range for this season. Something like that is usual for July or August, but not for May.”

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Omega website. The heat comes directly from AfricaPhoto:

Graduate meteorologist Andreas Friedrich of the German Weather Service explains to BILD: “It will be warm to very warm, 22 to 30 degrees. We have a current from the southwest upper level bringing very warm to frequently hot and humid air masses of subtropical origin that are prone for thunderstorms.”

This omega mode refers to a specific arrangement of high and low pressure areas where isobaric lines (lines of isobaric pressure) take the form of the Greek capital letter omega (Ω). Here, two areas of low pressure are surrounded by a region of high pressure.

These flow patterns are very stable, and therefore predictable for several days in advance, and lead to periods of heat and/or drought “inside the omega”.

Climate scientist Dr. Karsten Brandt from explains to BILD: “The highs block out the westerly winds condition and there’s still sunshine. The lows make detours around Europe. There’s a good chance that’s going well into June. So there’s a good chance that June will also be very dry And very sunny. It might end up with 300 hours of sunshine locally.”

Climatologist Martin Stendl explains to BILD: “As early as the 1770s, the Danish missionary Hans Egge had observed that it is often cold in Greenland when it is warm in central Europe (relative to average) – and vice versa. We know Now that the “bulges” of the jet stream are behind this phenomenon, also known as “omegalage”.

Weather expert Young: “The warm air is now flowing into Omega. Such a situation is usually quite stable.”

This is how it will continue in the coming days:

Friday: 17 to 25 degrees, mostly friendly, scattered thunderstorms in the southwest

Saturday: 18 to 27 degrees, abundant sunshine, best weather for barbecue and swimming

Sunday: 19-31 degrees, very warm to hot in the west and south, as warm as summer, almost no showers or thunderstorms

Monday: 19 to 30 degrees, very warm, partly like midsummer, a few showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon

Tuesday: 20 to 27 degrees, often wormy, sunny over and over, maybe a few thunderstorms in the afternoon

Wednesday: 21 to 32 degrees, very warm to hot, lots of sun, thunderstorms possible in the evening

Thursday: 21 to 33 degrees, in the west it is very warm to very hot at that time of year, otherwise summer weather with lots of sunshine

Friday: 21-32 degrees, summer warm to hot, very very warm for this time of year, a few thunderstorms in the afternoon

The NOAA Weather Service expects May to be extremely dry. Summer is also expected to bring little rain and be 1.5 to 2 degrees warm, based on the average climate from 1991 to 2020.

Weather expert Young: “This would be a very large aberration and indicate a very warm summer in 2022!”

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