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The opening of the Montblanc home in Hamburg brought back many memories for the stars.

The opening of the Montblanc house, celebrated on Tuesday evening on 3,600 square meters in Hamburg with many celebrities, was all about “inspirational writing”. One of the highlights of the house, which presents a manifesto about handwriting in the digital age and which Nicholas Baritzky, CEO of Montblanc, promises visitors a “voyage of discovery”, is the “Autograph Library” containing 30 original handwritten notes of wonderful characters, Including Ernest Hemingway, Albert Einstein and Frida Kahlo.

Successful singer Jimmy Cullum (42), who performed live on the evening of the festival, also keeps his writing. The 42-year-old describes himself as an “analog guy who never leaves the house without a pen”: “I have hundreds of boxes with my notebooks and diaries at home.” He follows the family tradition of his mother and grandmother, who, like him, had to “jot down ideas until they come out”. For him, writing is a “treatment” and a “brain stimulation” at the same time, without which he cannot be creative.

“The nice thing is that it can be captured!”

“We used to leave each other little messages while we were shooting,” actor Sabine Tambria, 37, is excited about his early romantic days with current wife Alice Dwyer (34). The two met and fell in love while filming together. “Today, there’s a shopping list,” says Tambria, and admits he was saddened by the news at the time – which was laid out in a hotel room – as a “kind expression of mutual respect”. “A way to get around each other,” adds his wife, but the news is not lost. Dwyer purposefully explains: “Her beauty can be captured!”

Actor Tristan Potter, 41, also wrote love letters to his girlfriend a few years ago – but without sending them. His love affair was on the verge of failure at that time. “It was my therapy. I was looking for answers to burning questions and trying to understand the world around me.” One essence of all his letters eventually found its way to the addressee, but this did not save the relationship. Potter, who is now in a relationship with actress Heike Macach (50), is happy to have this separation behind him and not have to resort to this treatment again: “I hope I never break hearts in my life again!”

For director Leander Hausmann, 62, writing about love brings back positive memories. Even today, he remembers not only his first love letter, but also the name of his lover at the time – and his opponent. “She was in fifth grade, and we boys wrote letters that we secretly passed around the classroom with sweaty hands.” Haussmann decorated her with small drawings, ornaments and suspects: “That made the difference in her condition to me.” And a reward in the form of a “first kiss,” Haussmann says proudly of the success of his love at the time.

Daniel Brühl’s passion for collecting

Actor Daniel Bruhl, 43, reveals himself as a former ‘pens collector’: “With my brother, I had at least 20 historical pieces during school that we collected at flea markets, in antiques stores, or from relatives.” Because of this, he almost quarreled with his close friend at the time. “I lent him one of my fountain pens, but he chewed it stubbornly – like children do – but at the time I was really mad at him and couldn’t believe what he did!” Nevertheless, the actor collects his thoughts on the dictaphone. “Even at night, when I wake up and have thoughts, I talk about them–even if I ignore them the next day because they might not have been as great as I thought at night…”

Actress and director Maggie Gyllenhaal (44) also uses digital media for her thoughts and ideas. For her, the mobile phone is the medium in which she “writes everything that matters,” says Gyllenhaal. She only recently rediscovered the value of writing when she recalled, among other things, how much she enjoyed letters when she was young: “Especially when they came from abroad in blue, red, and white envelopes!”.

The author Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre (47) describes his creative writing process: “I first write everything by hand and write on everything that is there: newspapers, lists…”. In the second step, he then transfers his spontaneous thoughts to the notebook and from there he finally ends up drafting them entirely on the computer. Then it is printed again and corrected with a red pen. When writing letters, on the other hand, the process is the opposite. “I draft it on the computer to put everything in order, and in the end I write the result neatly with a fountain pen – preferably with smooth, wide lead.”

Creativity flows better with a pen.

On the other hand, actor and director Reggie Yates, 38, belongs to the analog group: “Creativity flows better with the pen,” he says, describing himself as “the one who always wears a notebook” and regretting not having it in his pocket that evening because of his “jacket.” narrow”. “I was going to make a note of the way we all assembled at the entrance in the rain and wind,” laughs Yates. Moments like this – taken from real life – poured into his scenarios.

Actress Emilia Scholl (29 years old) currently uses writing mainly to learn French, because the German actress often shoots in the neighboring country, with which she has had little contact until now. Soon you will be in front of the camera again in Paris. Scholl says that reading is usually more important to her than writing. As a child, she was a “bookworm” who made a bet with her father that she would read 100 books in a short time. The actress, born in eastern Russia in 1992, proudly looks at her beautiful baby girl: “You won the bet and got a beloved toy!”.

Actor Janis Neuhnehner (30) also grew up well in his parents’ house in terms of words and text. His mother, a teacher, gave special value to beautiful handwriting. Even today he writes by hand. He writes letters in fountain pen: “The last time I thanked a director for a movie I just loved!” He puts in more effort than he did with his initials: “Love Letters with a Checkbox in Third Grade.”


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