5 tips for traveling on a budget

Travel can quickly become expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few tips and tricks so you can get far on a budget and, above all, have a good time.

We’ll tell you five of the nearly endless possibilities here.

#1 comparison portals

Of course, comparison portals for flights, hotels and the like are no longer a secret. On sites like Skyscanner, Flug.de or Booking.com, you can easily distinguish the cheapest routes, destinations and even days to travel.

Expert advice here, though, It is not necessary to book directly through comparison sites, because they often charge extra for their service. Prices are often on the official website of the airline or hotel provider even cheaper.

If you can, try searching and booking primarily through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can often find cheaper deals that way. delete, Before you start looking for destinations and flights, be sure to include your destination too Cookies and your search historywhere websites can check past prices that have been shown to you and thus raise prices.

#2 Youth Hostels, Couchsurfing and Co.

Aside from transportation, an overnight stay is often the most expensive part of travel, but there are also some budget alternatives here. Browse the couch This is a great way to find free nights in any country in the world. Although you have to pay a small fee to be able to use the website of the company of the same name, there are no additional costs associated with an overnight stay.

Moreover hostel It is a popular place to stay. Young travelers often use this option, but in most hostels you can find people of all ages from different countries.

In addition to inexpensive accommodations, hostels also offer the advantage that roommates, communal kitchens, or lounges make it easy to get to know a variety of people. Some hostels also offer shared activities such as city tours, pub crawls, or game nights, making it easy to make connections.

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#3 Work vs. Overnight

If you want to save more money on overnight stays, you can also look for ways to work against overnight stays. People who want to travel a little longer, for example because they have a gap year, are especially wanted here. In portals like workaway, for a small annual fee, you can find countless people providing accommodation, food and sometimes a little money for a few hours of work a day.

The positions are endless and there is sure to be something for everyone. You are free to decide whether you want to work in a beach bar in Thailand, on a farm in Italy or in a hostel in Holland.

Many countries also search for au pairs. Here you take care of the children of a host family, for example, you take care of the way to school, lunch or a vacation program while the parents work. In return, you get your own room, often your own bathroom, and you always get a weekly or monthly stipend. Living with a host family also offers the advantage of getting to know the culture of the host country better and gaining a deeper insight into the daily lives of the locals.

Anyone who thinks that au pairs are only for young people after they have finished school or training is deeply mistaken: families often openly look for people who already have experience raising children or who have both feet on the ground themselves, because they can. They assert themselves best as authority figures with children. You don’t necessarily have to spend half a year or even an entire year abroad to work as a pair of babysitters, because people often only need to take care of the children during the school holidays.

Planning an au pair stay with a private organization is easier, but it’s not a problem on your own either. Websites like Aupair-World offer the ability to simply organize everything yourself.

#4 Get to know people

Traveling is especially cheap when you just have to take care of yourself. But doesn’t so-called solo travel feel lonely at some point? It’s not necessary, as mentioned above, that staying in hostels in particular is a good way to meet people, but even if you’d rather stay alone at an AirBnB or similar accommodation, don’t worry that you won’t meet new people and can make connections.

especially using apps Does it get easier Friends all over the world to exist. Although Facebook is considered outdated, especially among young people, it is excellent for finding allies in every situation. Through Facebook groups, on any topic, you can always find people with whom you have something in common. For example, there are separate groups for au pairs in England or expatriates (immigrants) in almost every country in the world.

If you don’t have a Facebook account (anymore), apps like Bumble, which are already known as dating apps, also offer alternative options for finding friends. With the Bumble BFF format, the purpose of the meeting is immediately clear and you can use photos, hobby information, and short descriptions to choose a pre-selection of new contacts on the app.

If apps or the internet aren’t your thing, there’s always a chance to meet new people through activities at your travel destination. It is located in many cities Free city tours or “Free Guided Tours,” which show the city’s top attractions on a tip basis. This show is often used by many people, so dare and talk to someone, most of them are happy with new and nice acquaintances!

#5 Free Events

Do you want to see more of the city, get to know the culture better or just have a little fun? Then look around for more free events at your travel destination! In some countries, museums and galleries are free, or there are special days when admission is discounted.

A large program of parades, festivals or street parties is often presented on major holidays. So, whether it’s Christopher Street Day, St. Patrick’s Day or Carnival, find out before you go when there are big celebrations at your travel destination.

Some countries and cities also have a large selection of free courses that you can take. Whether it’s yoga, Zumba, or cooking classes, a little research will quickly reveal what your travel destination has to offer.

Conclusion: There are many ways to save some money when traveling. Of course, we hope that our tips will help you. But no matter how much money you end up spending on your trip, what matters in the end is that you have fun!

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