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Alexander Wehrl is convinced that VFB Stuttgart will stay in the league. Photo: Baumann/Alexander Keppler

He meets his former club – and is convinced that VFB Stuttgart will remain in the league. What then? Alexander Wehrle wants to analyze badly after the end of the season.

Show a good mood, confidence and expectation. Two days before the end of the season in the Bundesliga, Alexander Wehrle said that “tension” was “a mispronunciation”. After all, the initial situation in VFB Stuttgart has been “fresh” since Sunday. And “much better than it was a few weeks ago.”

In fact, VfB and its CEO still have a chance on the last day of the game to avoid relegation without having to go down. Conditions: A defeat against Hertha Berlin in Dortmund. And the success of the Stuttgart team on Saturday (3:30 pm) in the return match against 1. FC Köln – for whom Wehrle served as general manager for nine years until a few weeks ago.

It comes down to all or little, the possibility of falling for all or nothing. And then? Is it continuing like this?

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At least that’s the impression I got when Alexander Wehrle answered questions about decisions made after this season. What’s Next? With Sven Mislintat, athletic director? With Pellegrino Matarazzo, Technical Director? With Alexander Wehrle on his extra job as athletic director? “Our focus at the moment is to secure the class, then to delve into the analysis of the season, look at the trajectory of the season and look to the future,” Whirl said Thursday afternoon overall.

Combined analysis of the season

He cited contracts from Mislintat and Matarazzo that were in effect for post-season and praised their work, especially in the past season 2020/2021, when VfB was inspired by promotion and talent increased their market value one by one. After the planned analysis, for which the dates have already been set, the “three” could have come to some conclusions. And then you have to “discuss what we’re going to do differently in the new season”. Together we decide how to enter the new season.

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This shows Wehrle is allowing some extenuating circumstances for the current season with major relegation concerns – he emphasized the misery of injuries, especially in the first half of the season: “You can’t erase that away.” But the 47-year-olds also go to Stuttgart with self-confidence, not only to bring their own views, but also to apply them. Cologne’s revival in recent months – FC clinched the Conference League title and could still reach the Europa League on Saturday – could at least pin a lapel on it.

Convinced to stay in class

Together with Horst Heldt as Head of Sports, he avoided relegation, planned for the current Cologne team and signed coach Stephen Baumgart. After Heldt’s departure, Wehrl was the sole managing director at Geißbockheim for several months. The analysis of the VfB season – also with those in charge of the sport – will not be superficial. What Whirl is also convinced of: that in a few days plans for another year in first class will be pushed forward.

The CEO of VfB AG said he was “strongly” convinced that VfB would remain top-tier. It doesn’t matter whether the team decides it on Saturday or later in two matches to go down against the third in the second division. Although there is a lot at stake.

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A clear drop in sales in the second division, about 20 million euros less in TV money – and perhaps some well-known departures. Whirl emphasized that VfB did not have to generate much more transfer income in League Two than if he had remained in the League. The players you want to keep are more likely to stay away from Stuttgart. Because of the mathematical perspective – and the lack of references. Relegation to the First Division would set the club back for at least a year or two, which would also have to support the stadium’s renovation financially and at least in the next two years.

Alexander Wehrl predicts a “cauldron”

Can VfB Professionals Handle This Pressure? Whirl says yes. And don’t be late to experience it on April 24th. That Sunday, VfB could clearly improve their starting position in the Hertha BSC match – but the team couldn’t achieve anything at 0:2. Well, Alexander Wehrl assures us that everything is different.

The team put up an “exclamation point” in their 2-2 win in Munich – and unlike three weeks ago, they are now playing at home. “It’s going to be a magical cauldron,” the VfB chief predicts, hoping there will be nearly 60,000 “incredibly loud Swabians” and is certain: “The team will accept that and perform.” So that it can then be analyzed in a more relaxed manner.

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