Dating tips: According to psychologists, this is how you always flirt with success

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According to psychologists, this is how you always flirt successfully

Dating tips: According to psychologists, this is how you always flirt with success

A smile can always cheer up – the same goes for flirting

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What if the phrase “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Really effective when dating is questionable. According to a recent study, other courtship techniques actually work. One thing in particular is particularly important.

HPsychologists have 40 different ways to flirt Technical University of Norway Found. To find out which of these is most promising for a date or a serious search for a partner, they asked 992 students from the United States and Norway about their own experiences of courtship. All respondents were heterosexual.

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They were asked to broadly rate the effectiveness of 40 different courtship methods, depending on whether they were looking for a short-term or long-term relationship. Participants were also asked to consider whether the spinner was male or female. In addition, the researchers examined the study participants’ personality traits with respect to extraversion, age, religiosity, general willingness to enter into a relationship and how they themselves would rate their attractiveness to potential dating partners.

The psychologists published their findings in the journal Evolutionary Psychology. But before we pass on the secret recipe for successful flirtation, tell us your most successful flirting techniques to date:

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“What is most effective depends on sex and whether the purpose of courtship is a long-term or short-term relationship”

This is said psychologist and study director Lev Edward Otesin Kinnear in a press release from the university. Depending on the target, there are actually strategies that almost always work when courting, as the scientists discovered in their study.

For example, if you are a female and are only looking for a short affair or a one night stand, it is best to send a signal to the other person as well, according to the psychologist. A hug or a kiss on the cheek is not enough in such situations.

If a woman definitely wants to flirt with her at home, then she should indicate her sexual readiness quite frankly: for example, she can snuggle with her flirtation, rub her legs together, get closer and look for other physical contact. At least that’s what the survey analysis shows. In this scenario, on the other hand, things don’t go well when the woman is particularly funny. So it’s all tacky after all?

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Close physical contact, direct eye contact – according to study, ideal strategy for women to stick around for a short courtship

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According to those surveyed, men who are just looking for a short term adventure cannot count on such a simple formula for success. Women appear to be more demanding, the study researchers wrote: “Men were judged to be most effective when, in addition to physical and sexual styles, they smiled, showed interest in conversation, were praised, and laughed.”

Here’s how to flirt if you’re aiming for a real relationship

Does this also apply to people who are looking for a long-term partner? Not quite, as the Norwegian researchers discovered. According to the ratings of study participants, men who want a permanent partner should be especially generous and openly discuss the fact that they want commitment. In short: Don’t act like a sexy guy.

Humor also plays an important role in flirting with singles looking for a relationship. So feel free to include one or two funny anecdotes in the conversation. But you should stay away from flat dad jokes or old man jokes. At least that’s the members’ recommendation kmpkt editorial team.

Woman and man having fun together at a festival

Humor always goes down nicely when looking for Mister or Misses Right

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“But laughing or laughing at the other person’s jokes is an effective flirting technique for both sexes,” Kinnear says. This makes the other person more likable and you feel connected. This was true for both the Norwegian and American study participants. Cultural difference played no role in this courtship style in terms of success.

The results of the study also indicated that many men consider a woman’s laughter as proof of her sense of humor. A lot may balance a lack of laughter and diminished opportunities with the other person. This behavior was not observed in women. For those who struggle to be funny, Kinnear recommends trying another effective flirting technique: smiling and maintaining eye contact. Flirting can be very easy.

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