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The annual general meeting of the Tansport Neued club was held in the club located in Neuwied-Ingres. The inauguration and greetings of the current members were given by the second president, Hubert Ersdorff. After checking the quorum and determining that the AGM was properly convened, the AGM was able to proceed as per the rules. In addition to the reports of the Board of Directors and individual staff, items on the agenda included the discharge of the Board of Directors and the Treasurer as well as the approval of the budget for 2022. Corona-compliant versions of the topic (Agenda/Staff Reports/Budget 2022) for all seat members.

Hubert Arzdorf spoke about the work done by the council and presented the annual report. Treasurer Marietta Schalge explained the income and expenses and provided an overview of the assets. The list of investments was deleted as there were no investments for the association in the last fiscal year.

Following the reports of the press officer and the festival committee, board member Helmut Kirchseber, who was entrusted with the duties of a sports observer, briefed the attendees on the sporting successes of the championship pairs. Congratulations went to Claudia Bledt and Thomas Brossi for doing well in the World Championships in the SEN II S class and winning the bronze medal in the State Championships in the SEN III S class. Jota and Helmut won the SEN IV B class Kerschsieper took the state championship title to Neuwied and so they danced their way To the next higher class SEN IV A. Their teammates Karin and Ingo Schaller took fourth place in the SEN III B class at the state championship.

The 2021 cash audit was conducted in advance by auditors Jutta Kirchseber and Doris Moritz-Zander in compliance with the Corona conditions. The auditor’s report was provided by Jutta Kerschsieper. The Executive Board and the Treasurer were subsequently granted a 2021 discharge.

Helmut Kerschsieper and Marietta Schalge have announced that TSC Neuwied will once again host a summer ball on September 3, 2022. Dance-loving spectators or hobby dancers from the entire region are invited. The duo Wie-Waldi provides live music of all styles to decorate the dance. Tournament pairs once again present a colorful supporting program with show-stopping dance performances, bolstered by the planned performance of Latin formation TD-Düsseldorf-Rot-Weiss. Several dance courses and workshops are also planned. These include LaBlast Dance Fitness classes on May 21. This is a one-on-one dance course where those interested in dancing, even without a dance partner, not only learn important elements of couple dances like cha-cha-cha, salsa, quick step, tango, slow waltz, etc in 10 weeks, but also something for their health and can do fitness physical. On June 10, TSC Neuwied presents jazz, modern dance and a special contemporary workshop for children. The main focus is on the flowing combinations of playing with rhythm, music, dynamic tension and accents. TSC Neuwied is represented again in two stages at Deichstadtfest this year.

Due to the resignation of the former First Chairman in January, the Board of Directors completed itself at the next Board meeting in accordance with the statutes and unanimously elected Helmut Kirchseber as the new First Chairman. According to the articles of association, the members will confirm this at the next general meeting. “Given the qualified work of the Board of Directors in the past year and the training courses, workshops and events already identified for the target group, the Sports Training Center is well positioned not only to enable its members to enjoy modern and diverse sports operations, but also to present itself in the region with high performance,” he said. Helmut Kirchseber says:

In addition to Executive Board members Helmut Kirchseber (First Chair), Hubert Erzdorf (Second Chair), Marietta Schlag (Treasurer), Gerhard Schlag (Secretary), the TSC Neuwied Board Team also includes extended Board Members Rudolf Mertens (Press Officer), Gabi Zip (1st assessor) and Monica Wildner (2nd assessor).

After the annual general meeting, the association invited all those present for a snack and a drink. More information about the club, championship pairs, a wide range of dance sports for young and old as well as courses for beginners and returnees can be found at

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