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A suggestion for moderation: Everyone who drives to the airport has one thing in mind: flying up and down. However, some airports are worth a flight or excursion in and of themselves. The best example is the airport in Frankfurt. It is the largest center of Germany, and one of the most important in the world, and a real attraction in itself. Fans have been coming back regularly for decades. Many were there as children with their parents or grandparents and are now passing on their enthusiasm to their children and grandchildren. Oliver Haynes with very special travel advice.

Narrator: The magic of flying and the dream of travel and adventure are almost as old as humanity. So it’s no surprise that people keep coming to Frankfurt Airport to visit, explains Verena Zimmermann of the airport’s visitor service.

Original Audio 1 (Verena Zimmermann, 30 sec): “The whole world converges here for a unique multicultural snapshot. About 150,000-200,000 people come here every day. If you then look at the brightly colored fins of the plane, check out our display panels And you know we serve 300 destinations all over the world, so it’s clear to everyone: This is here, this is the gateway to the world. And I think everyone wants to get on the plane and leave right away. This experience resonates and stays in the memory for a long time.”

Speaker: As a visitor, here you get a real change of perspective. Instead of being in the middle of the travel hustle, you can comfortably observe everything from the outside. For example, the entire apron with a cocktail in hand on the visitors’ balcony in Terminal 2.

Original sound 2 (Verina Zimmermann, 14 sec.): “But you can get really close if you come for a ride. Then drive with our mates through the parking lot and get lots of ideas about what’s happening at the airport directly from our mates here but you need to book in advance” .

Spokesperson: You can do this at the website frankfurt-airport.com: there is also information about the visitor center that has been there since last year and is now the new heart of the airport experience world.

Original Audio 3 (Verina Zimmermann, 21 seconds): “Here you can watch the plane from the inside, in the dry weather, so to speak, through our large panoramic windows, the planes stop right here. But we have a lot of interactive things you can do also not You can still try it. Plus, just to name a few, there’s one feature, Motion Ride, there you sit, put on VR goggles, and drive through our baggage transportation system. That’s also great to try.”

Spokesperson: Frankfurt Airport is also great advice for cyclists:

Original Audio 4 (Verina Zimmermann, 18 sec): “We have developed a really sophisticated network of bike paths around the airport. We have several lookout points where you can

Then stand there with your bike and enjoy it all. And if you like it and finally have the time, we will be glad if you come back to the station and finish your visit here with us at one of our restaurants.”

Moderation suggestion: Even if you can’t get on the plane yourself, Frankfurt Airport is always worth a trip. In order to be able to visit everything that interests you, it is better to register in advance, especially if you want to visit in a larger group. In order to properly plan your trip, you can read everything again at your leisure at frankfurt-airport.com.

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