Friday: Plant growth in lunar soil, Google supports app developers

Scientists have grown plants in soil samples taken from the moon for the first time. NASA sees this as a first step toward potential self-sufficiency for astronauts on Earth’s satellite. Google I/O continues to tackle ground issues such as better support for app developers and more help for blind and deaf people with Android 13. This also includes artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence methods are already being used to search for illegal content that harms young people on the Internet. The program is slowing down due to a very typical human problem: too much work, not enough time – the most important messages in a nutshell.

plants from the earth can theoretically It thrives in the lunar soil. Corresponding strains succeeded scientists from the University of Florida. Use the little ones to do it exercisefor Apollo missions 11, 12 and 17 The moon brought her to have. With great care, weeds of the cruciferous family grew on this so-called regolith. This is not as strong and resistant as usual, but NASA explain Therefore, the lunar soil is suitable for plant growthAfter scientists succeeded in cultivating vegetation in the soil of the moon.

Come every week Millions of people are online for the first time. Since 2015, it has exceeded three billion. Your online experience usually starts with one cell phone. They have no digital experience, internet connections are volatile and usually have little confidence in using their devices. They sometimes only realize the benefits of digital offerings to a limited extent. If you ignore these users, you are ignoring a huge marketcompressed The Google At Google I/O Developers Conference: New users represent a huge market.

In Google I / O some aspects to come Android 13 consider it Lowers barriers for users with disabilities And also for users who have been restricted due to the status. a New Accessibility Reader It will help visually impaired people to read long texts on the screen. In addition, users have the option to listen to the text in parallel with the progress of reading from a computer generated voice Read out loud To allow. All this happens Directly on the end deviceWithout a data connection to Google’s servers: Android 13 does more for blind and deaf people.

For many jobs, Google also uses methods for Artificial intelligence (AI) The fourteenth State media authorities used in Germany AI Also, but um Online Law Violations to fight. As part of the “Continue Instead of Just Delete” initiative, not only should content such as insults and defamation be deleted or banned, but The perpetrators will also be prosecuted will. However, the new software currently finds more illegal content than it can process: AI finds thousands of illegal and harmful content on the Internet.

a Robotwho serves the guests in the restaurant, never forgets any order Don’t get impatient and expected no hint. If these robot waiters can also create a good atmosphere with a few jokes, isn’t it inevitable or even desirable that they gradually displace their fellow humans? No, says philosopher Joanna Sebitt at the AAMAS conference. Technological development should be based on values: What do we need social bots?

Trimaran drone Mayflower 400 It must be the first Atlantic crossing One Fully independent ship Interrupt on second attempt at the moment. Because mechanical problem With the “generator”, the ship will be brought to the Azores and examined. Officials hope they can repair the generator and then resume crossing the Atlantic. Technology provided by IBM for independent discovery Unaffected: The fully automated ship Mayflower 400 crosses the Atlantic.

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