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What time is it actually? Is it the division into seconds, minutes, hours and days? Or is it just a construction created by the human race? Or maybe it’s something we’ll never understand. Because time is a strange thing: an hour passes quickly when you are having fun and having fun. But it passes relatively slowly if you have to wait for the bus in the rain for the same amount of time. This is what Axel Hyklau and Andre Korsch explained at the beginning of their magic show in the event forum.

The Magicians of the Salon of Miracles performed for more than an hour on the opening night of the “Amazing Time Anomaly” of the Magical Arts Festival. In the small, lively hall, they entertained the audience with metaphors and jokes as well as fantasies relating to the subject. Of course, time and card tricks can’t be missing. In addition, the two always included people from the audience – at times less voluntarily – who were allowed to take part in shows and follow the magic at close range.

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There were a particularly large number of laughs at Hicklau’s performance. A total of three appeared on stage with the following sentence: “Have you ever been exposed to déjà vu?” Then he also carried out the same sequence of events three times and transformed the banknotes, but always with small changes, so that the suspense was always preserved.

There was room for nostalgic moments when Cyrus recalled films on the theme of time, such as “Memento” and “Inception” by Christopher Nolan. But he also mentioned other classics like Midnight in Paris and Terminator. The magician took attendees back to the past, when CDs and DVDs were ripped – accompanied by literal burning of a movie disc. He also turned a blank DVD into the cult movie “Back to the Future” at the request of the viewer – if it were that easy back then.

Future lottery numbers

The highlight of the evening was a magic trick that continued throughout the show. A randomly selected visitor received a sealed envelope initially and kept it until just before the end. It later turned out that the magicians wanted to predict future lottery numbers in this way. They traveled in a time machine in order to be able to open this envelope in the present. This came to great applause when the ticket numbers and first names of viewers who were included in the show became visible on paper.

Many of those in attendance attracted attention that evening with their “Hocuspocus” lettering bags and the name tag they wore on a ribbon around their neck. When asked about this, one of the groups said that they themselves are a witch. One of them explained, “We were really looking forward to this event. Especially since it has already been postponed twice due to the Corona pandemic.” He definitely wants to see more performances during the week and is also looking forward to the workshops and seminars that will be presented in parallel with the festival as part of the “Magica 2020” conference. “It’s amazing what happens at the same time,” another visitor from the performance exclaimed. Although he knows some of the tricks on display, he is still passionate about creativity and ideas.

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The Magic Festival runs until Sunday evening, with the presentation of the award winners at the end of the event. Here the winners of the German championship will be presented in different categories. There will also be a lot of magic in the next few days. Five more shows are scheduled for Friday, including a children’s magic show at 4 p.m., the “(M) ausgetrixt – der Magic Mix mit der Maus” show for Munich’s Magic Circle and a grand international parade at 8:30 p.m. City Hall. Another highlight happens on Saturday evening. In a performance of “Wonder Woman” the best magicians in Europe will demonstrate their skills in German and English.

The show went on too quickly for the audience that evening. The time was definitely shorter than standing in the rain for an hour waiting for the bus.

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