Garbage princess is so happy with her new boyfriend

Salome Razak | 05/13/2022, 11:30 AM

Elena Mira’s friend


Elena Meraas has made headlines in recent years, particularly regarding her relationship with Mike Heater. Because the drama was pre-programmed for the two reality stars – a fact that didn’t change even after their split. But what about Elena Meras’ relationship life?

Even two years after their split, the relationship between Elena Meraas and Mike Heater, former “Love Island” co-stars, was on everyone’s lips. Whether it’s a public mud fight, an argument over their daughter Aylen or a drama with Mike’s ex-Chethrin Schulze, the two reality stars never shut up.

In “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022, Elena Meraas and Chetherine Schultz meet unexpectedly and trade blows beyond challenges. Even though Elena, Mike, and Chethrin are all in a happy-looking new relationship, this love triangle always seems to do well for media coverage. In front of the camera, moody trash princesses make peace, even making fun of ex-Mike Heater – but this unusual harmony doesn’t last long!

When the current episodes aired, Swiss Elena Meraas was shocked to find that Chethrin had spoken badly of her in the lounge behind her back. Half of the Spaniard wasn’t expecting it and declared Chethrin to be her archenemy again on Instagram: “It was actually done for me because I didn’t have a problem with her. But after what I saw in the next episode, I have to say pretty shocking things about what she said about me.”

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