Lewandowski’s dilemma: Bayern’s struggle for the future

The dilemma with Lewandowski
Bayern’s hard fight for the future

By Tobias Nordmann

At Bayern Munich, an era is coming to an end. Robert Lewandowski is said to want to leave Munich by the summer of 2023 at the latest. There are two questions for the club, one of which will determine the status of the German record champion in the coming years.

Bayern Munich has a problem. Urgent. And that’s very close. According to media reports, Robert Lewandowski will leave the record champion by the summer of 2023 at the latest. For the club, this means the end of a colossal era. Poland’s top scorer has been life insurance par excellence in recent years. Three facts to prove how important he is (and still): The 33-year-old is not only the most successful foreign goalscorer in Bundesliga history, but also the second most successful player on the list ever (311) behind the legendary Gerd Muller (365). Lewandowski also broke his historic record of 40 goals. It was actually considered impossible.

It also seems impossible to replace the striker. But for now, there is another more important question for Bayern Munich than “who does it”. Namely: When will you part with Lewandowski? this summer? Salihamidzic has so far ruled out an early departure. However, there will only be money for the 33-year-old now. Up to 40 million euros still seems possible. FC Barcelona are very interested. Huge amount for an old man, excuse me. Or are you going down the same path together for another year? Then there are goals, maybe titles – but no more money (then it’s free) and maybe he’s in a bad mood.

That Benny Zahavi again

A scenario that Munich was pleased to dispense with. The departure of defense chief and club icon David Alaba continues to weigh on the club. Due to the lack of a financial agreement (piranha advisor being the key word) regarding the future, the Austrian moved to Real Madrid in his prime as a footballer. And he plays there against Jurgen Klopps Liverpool in the Champions League. Totally explosive: both Alaba and Lewandowski are represented by Benny Zahavi in ​​the negotiations. The guy is unlikely to be particularly popular on Säbener Straße.

There are many rumors as to why the striker wanted to leave the club. It is linked to salary, terms of contract, discretion and Erling Haaland. It is said that the first round between the Bayern leaders and the chancellor of Lewandowski took place only at the end of April. The Poles had already openly questioned this reluctance. As Sport1 now reports, the club is said to have not made the striker a ready-to-sign contract offer. A new one-year contract like Thomas Muller recently won’t be acceptable to the Poles. In addition, after nine years with the record champion, he is seeking a new challenge and is said to have been unhappy with the situation at Bayern for some time.

The alleged interest in Haaland is said to have bothered Lewandowski as well. Now they will know very well at the club why the striker lost. For future conversations, such as with Serge Gnabry, Bayern will learn the lesson. For the scenario presented now, the reasons are not relevant.

Who can do it?

In fact, the question of options is an urgent one. Who can hold the position in the storm? With the Dortmund phenomenon, Erling Haaland is the most exciting alternative on the market. It is known that he is going to Manchester City. what’s left? Chelsea player Romelu Lukaku? A burly guy, good at finals, and unhappy in London to work with coach Thomas Tuchel, but he’s certainly too expensive as a package. Sadio Mane, a Liverpool player? Coup, but really realistic given the tight budget in Munich?

Patrick Schick from Bayer Leverkusen? Who was once in Leipzig who did not have a good time (because it was unsuccessful) with Nagelsmann? Rather risky. Sebastian Haller from Ajax Amsterdam? Not the category Bayern Munich is considering which is being discussed at Borussia Dortmund. Cristiano Ronaldo? Oh, okay. But it needs a replacement. Best alternative! A man who can secure titles.

One thing is clear: the already enormous pressure on the alpha animals on Säbener Straße is increasing. Sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic and club president Oliver Kahn must accomplish. Also because both the National (BVB signs three local German players!) and the international competition is gearing up. With limited financial resources. In the past few days, there have been increasing reports of criticism of Salihamidzic. There was talk of a rift between the team with coach Julian Nagelsmann and internal criticism of the sporting director’s work. According to “Abendzeitung” from Munich, even an early separation is possible. The future of Bayern Munich will be determined by decisions regarding Lewandowski.

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