Not too far for students: interns can also get a taste of Berlin, London – Schramberg and the surrounding area

Laura Paranasic tasted lessons at Whittom School. Photo: cup

Trying something new, leaving your comfort zone and gaining insight into working life are the goals that 10th grade students at Schramberg Gymnasium strive to achieve through their BOGY training.

Schramberg – For this week, 88 young people chose a company and spent a week learning what it meant to work in it. Students chose interesting employers and positions. While most have a taste for local businesses and companies, there are others who have found their dream job in London, Berlin, Mannheim or Stuttgart. Many students chose the local companies Trumpf Laser and Kern-Liebers as their internships.

Elijah Caesar

In order to achieve these goals, Elias Kaiser was not far from Berlin, which, according to him, was worth it. There he was able to gain wonderful insights into the work of the tailors at the Berlin Opera and also laid his hands on cloth. “Now I’m pretty sure I’ll actually complete my apprenticeship as a tailor later and eventually work as a fashion designer.” Since he traveled to Berlin on his own and had to find his way around the city on his own, “I had a lot of experience and became more independent,” he himself said.

Nicholas Buehler and Eric Buzak

Nicholas Buehler and Eric Bozak also had to leave their comfort zone and that meant leaving at 3.30 am to the Mauser company in Stuttgart, where they caught a glimpse of working life “sometimes with tired eyes”. But for her, this choice was the right choice, because Eric’s father works in the same company. So he could take the two with him in the morning and bring them back in the evening. For her, getting up unusually early means “gritting your teeth for a week and getting out of bed.” “The experience was worth it because now I know I don’t want to do this work later because I didn’t expect how difficult this kind of work would be,” Nicola said at the end of the internship.

Laura Paranasic

Laura Paranasic decided to take a different path and chose an internship at Wittum School for Special Needs in Schramberg-Sulgen. “This internship did not match my career aspirations, but I just wanted a taste of this job and gain insight into social pedagogy.” As she herself says, this decision was absolutely right and she enjoys taking care of children and playing with them. Unlike the boys, her hours were much more relaxed and she only had to start at eight and it was only based on the schedule when it was time to finish work. “My career aspirations did not change as a result of the training, but I was able to gain valuable experience working with children and get an idea of ​​the daily life of an elementary school teacher.”

Lisa Weiser

Lisa Weiser also wanted to try something new and wanted to complete her apprenticeship at Flaig auf dem Hardt carpentry. Its area of ​​responsibility is completely different. “Only help where you can–and milling, sawing, hammering, whatever needs to be done.” Above all, the versatility and work on the machines is what makes this job so enjoyable. “I’m not sure if I really want to do this job later, but I know the job better now.”

Louis Cope

Lewis Cope did his apprenticeship at the Black Forest Bote, where he later aspired to work as a journalist. During the first few days of this week, learn how to write shorter reports and how the editor builds a page in the newspaper. He then ventured into longer and more demanding reports, as well as various interviews. “Now I feel more confident in my decision to work as a journalist later and have been able to learn a lot during this week.”

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