Römerskirchen: Two injured after shooting in Potsheim

Police on a large scale
Two injured after Rommerskirchen shooting – suspect arrested

Shots in the street, two wounded, police in a large-scale operation – in Potsheim, Rommerskirchen district, there was an emergency on Thursday evening. The alleged perpetrator has now been arrested. This is how the police operation ended.

Four and a half hours after the crime, which brutally ripped the already quiet rural town of Potsheim out of business after 7 p.m., a large-scale operation is slowly coming to an end that the place may never have seen before: Police officers with submachine guns secure a crime scene in the immediate vicinity to the fire station. The street “Am Schutzengrund”, where a man and a woman were hit by a fire, was lit up by a large spotlight. Trucks get stuck on the road making it impossible to reach. Traffic on the transit roads has practically stopped. Police at crime scene with special forces.

The emergency call alerted the police shortly after 7 p.m. Thursday. A caller stated that shots were fired in the “Zoom Schützingrund” street, as the police forces immediately went to the crime scene.

There, in addition to witnesses, officials also met two injured people, a woman and a man who were apparently seriously injured by gunshot wounds. Rescue workers were treated both, and the man who was shot was taken to a clinic shortly afterwards by helicopter.

Police immediately launched a massive search for the 57-year-old suspect known by name. Road blocks were set up and a helicopter flew over the area. At 10:18 pm, the success of the rapid search was reported: the civilian police managed to arrest the fugitive in Neuss on Bergheimer Street. He is currently in police custody.

The police initially did not provide any additional information about the exact background to the crime. The investigation into the murder is continuing.

Residents were asked to avoid the cordoned off crime scene area so as not to jeopardize the search and security of evidence. Employees of the Criminal Investigation Center (KTU) marked the tracks on the street. Some of the heavily armed special police forces managed to withdraw around 11 pm. At that time, members of the police were present in nearby houses and questioned the residents. Initially, the fire brigade, which maintains a guard near the crime scene, continued to provide support.

According to current knowledge, the verb was preceded by a dispute. The crime scene “Am Schützengrund” is part of a relatively new residential area, mostly with beautiful single family homes. Passers-by and residents were shocked by the fact: “One always thinks that such events are far away – then suddenly something like this happens here.”

Shortly after the shooting, five medics from the Potsheim Fire Department rushed to the scene. They had a course at the equipment house next door on Thursday evening and were there quickly. This was confirmed by Chief Operating Officer Daniel Cree. “We provide first responder care for chaplains.” For the police, the entire crime scene was lit by the fire brigade – the Rommerskirchen fire truck was alerted, also to prevent traffic chaos in Potsheim.

Many people have taken to social media to ask why the police are out, and some are worried about family members or friends, after the police asked residents to stay in their homes for their safety. On Facebook, users mainly discussed in the “Die Rommerskirchener Buschtrommel” group, one of the forums with the most community members. The director of the Facebook group intervened several times in a smart, moderate manner against the speculation about the background of the crime and the motives of the alleged perpetrator. According to the first official information from the police press service, the comment function on the publication has been closed. Peace slowly returned to Potsheim at about midnight. The movie “Am Schützengrund” was just a reminder of an act that will surely keep the people there busy for a long time to come.

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