Salzweg prepares for the future: Six new players – and the current squad is still almost complete

Christian Hueger moves from SV Schalding II to his league rival Salzwig. − Photo: Mike Siegel

Christian Hueger moves from SV Schalding II to his league rival Salzwig. − Photo: Mike Siegel

Eastern Provincial League relegation fixed – now FC Salzweg is moving forward with its personnel planning for the new season. The people responsible around the second board member Armin Dersch can announce good news. With the exception of Alex Kretz (Hauzenberg), the team will stay together virtually. Coach Axel Dichtel is also at stake.

FCS officials are talking about a stable framework that will enable the club to continue the transition to rejuvenate the squad. Obviously, older players like Mothman, Holzinger & Co. sooner or later won’t be able to ramp up the effort that much. “What is gratifying are the commitments made, which also include the best players who deserve to perform like Sebastian Schweizer, who should be considered leaders of the future,” the club said.

There will also be some organizational changes for the upcoming season at Salzweg: Michell Stark will move from within the ranks to become athletic director and will primarily take care of the district’s squad. “Mitch has really been involved in the planning, which helps us a lot,” says Martin Solarczyk, Head of Salzweg.

Plans are going well, and the club can report six newcomers Christian Hueger, 23, who will move to Salzweig from SV Schalding II. “A seasoned player in the domestic league can play a leadership role,” FCS officials say.

Also new to Axel Dichtl’s team is Konrad Rüther, who came from FC Schalding (area class) and, like Hugger, is supposed to catalyze the attack. “With Konrad, we are getting a very ambitious player who will definitely make it to the district league,” coach Axel Dichtel says of the 22-year-old medical student.

Philip Bauer, coming from VfB Grubweg, is also at home in attack. The 19-year-old storm talent from the neighboring club has already gained experience in the Bavarian youth league at SV Schalding Heining and must now be looking for targets for Salzweiger.

Sebastian Hübner moves from the domestic league team ASV Ortenburg to the regional league team. Dichtel says the “multi-skilled”, who comes from Königbach, has already proven his abilities in a few training sessions. “He can quickly play a key role for us,” he praises the coach, and is also happy with the return who “never actually left.” The connection with Daniel Mayer, who moved to FC Passau in the winter, never broke, and now he’s wearing an FCS jersey again. “Daniel fits our team 100 percent, and also as a person,” says new sporting director Mitch Stark.

Salzweg’s managers were also looking for a replacement for Martin Knudelsder, who left in the winter, in the goalkeeper position – and he found one at Hauzenberg and one at Ruderting. “At Michael Hellauer, we were able to sign a really experienced goalkeeper,” coach Dichtel says happily, and with his experience, he also expects Hellauer to play some sort of mentoring role in the goalkeeper’s team. Patrick Oltmanns of FC Roderting will also wear the gloves in the outskirts of Passau in the future. “Patrick made a very good impression in the units,” said Salzwig goalkeeper coach Franz Muldorfer, praising the facilities of the Federal Police officer.

Therefore, the planning for the Salzweger team is in the final stages and should be completed in the next few days. Department head Martin Solarzic sums up, “In addition to the existing players from the first and second as well as newcomers, there are also many young players on the two men’s teams.” Niklas Mautner, Jonas Mautner, Clinton Amadin, Alexander Dirsch, Benedict Braun Maxi-Roman, Julius Burgstaller and Paul Rosnauer are already merged into the teams. “These are the fruits of young people’s labor of the past few years,” says Solarzic, who also notes the potential for “runner-ups” to emerge on the region’s category. – red

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