SC Streich coach wants to start ‘with his head held high’ at Leverkusen – SC Freiburg

The end of the Bundesliga season

By Rene Kubler Matthias Jung (DPA)

Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 5:03 pm

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After the 1:4 match against Union Berlin, coach Streiss wants to have a positive experience with FC Freiburg on the last day of the Bundesliga match against third-placed Bayer Leverkusen – for several reasons.

Just a few weeks ago, SC Freiburg was praised for its stable defense. After the 30th match day, Breisgauer conceded the third lowest number of goals from all Bundesliga clubs with 34 goals. The defense around Nico Schlutterbeek, Christian Günther, Philipp Lenhart and Mark Flecken – all national players – was one of the safest.

But after conceding ten goals against Borussia Mönchengladbach (3:3), the win at Hoffenheim (4:3) and the defeat at home against Union Berlin (1:4), that impression changed.

Unacceptable defensive behaviour

That’s not the only reason why Christian Streiche is still giving up on SC Freiburg’s 4-1 defeat to Union Berlin. Immediately after the match, Streich said the defensive behavior against Berlin was “unacceptable”. Admittedly, the video study afterwards also highlighted positive things. But in addition to some refereeing decisions that were controversial from the coach’s point of view, there were also mistakes his team made to complain about. “We didn’t defend well enough,” said Streiche, for example. He also rated some solo performances as inadequate.

For example, Jonathan Schmid, who, in the eyes of his coach, did not bring enough energy to the field after entering. “I expect him to behave differently as an experienced player,” Stritch explained. “Because young players look at him.” Unusual words, which the Freiburg football coach only uttered in public because he had discussed them at length with Schmid internally. “Then I can say that here as well.”

Avoid negative experiences

An advertisement that may also apply to the entire team. In the last Bundesliga game of the season at Bayer Leverkusen, they wanted to show a different face. Ahead of Saturday’s game against the third-placed and well-established champions of the Champions League, Streich had the pros in training to better control their opponents once again. It was about timing when starting, about paying attention to distances or remaining defense when in possession.

“We had a really good season. Now we want to finish it off with a really good game.” Christian Streiche

Because Streich wants to prevent his team from taking another hit in the neck at Leverkusen and then going to the DFB Cup final on May 21 against RB Leipzig with a negative experience. “It’s also about going into another important event after a week in Berlin with a positive feeling and positive energy.”

The crown of the great season

It was worth noting that Streich’s missed opportunity in the Champions League infuriates him. However, he does not want to change Freiburg’s playing style. We try to play football and also play football with a risk. Even if he criticizes the defense and expects more from him than he expects against Al Ittihad: basically nothing should change in the offensive direction. “We played a really good season,” said Streiss. Now we want to finish it off with a really good game.”

“Losing finals is bad, winning finals is great.” Christian Streiche

At Leverkusen, his team, regardless of ailing attacking player Kevin Schad, must “go into the match with their heads held high with faith in themselves,” Streische said. Because a good result will also be mentally better to prepare for the cup. “We can win big and lose big,” said Streich of the Leverkusen match. There and in the cup final it’s all about “a lot. More is not possible”. He and his players also wanted to “show that we deserve to be where we are now”. “Losing in finals is bad, winning finals is great,” the 56-year-old concluded the cup match.

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