Signs that you are in a karmic relationship and how to deal with it

The love that was meant to be, an all-consuming passion, a couple that must have been together in a past life. Sounds like a fairy tale, but these are the terms used to describe karmic relationships – and reality is often not very romantic.

News week I asked dating experts to describe the signs you might be in a karmic relationship and how they tend to bring out the worst in people.

What is a karmic relationship?

According to Tish Malone, a counselor at Mindpath Health in Fort Worth, Texas, religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism often talk about karmic relationships. “A karmic relationship is one that occurs throughout her reborn life as a connection that, despite the turmoil, is necessary as a lesson in supporting spiritual growth.”

Malone added in Sanskrit that the word karman means “action, influence, or destiny.”

According to Rachel MacLynn, founder of the London-based agency Vida Consultancy, there is no agreed upon clinical definition of karmic relationships.

Pippa Murphy, sex and relationship expert at, said the term is used to refer to “expendable and magnetic” relationships.

Young couple laughing. Many karmic relationships begin in a “whirlwind”, in which at least one of the partners falls in love with the other.
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“there [is] “A very strong bond that exists throughout the relationship,” Murphy said. News week. “This is because one or both partners believe that their relationship is ‘intended’ and that their partner is there in their life to teach them lessons about life, love, and more.”

She said this extreme pressure can lead to some “really big highs as well as some really big lows,” which often lead to multiple disintegrations.

“A karmic relationship is often unstable and has an unbalanced power dynamic,” warned Amy Pritchett, relationship expert at

Karmic relationships often involve frequent arguments, interdependence, and possessiveness.

Some people confuse karmic partners with soulmates. “There are clear differences,” Murphy says.

“First, you can have multiple karmic relationships throughout your life, while finding a soul mate is more difficult,” she said. “Secondly, being in a soul mate makes you feel happy and balanced, while the intensity of a karmic relationship makes you feel that something is wrong.”

How are karmic relationships formed?

MacLean said that karmic relationships can begin like any other kind News week. “People connect and find common interest. With karmic relationships, the honeymoon phase can seem very emotional and joyful.”

“There’s an instant connection, whether it’s love at first sight or instant chemistry,” Murphy said. “The essential part of a karmic relationship is that at least one person feels as if the two of you met in a past life and are held together by karma and energy.”

This feeling often leads to potential red flags being ignored because the belief that a couple are “made for each other” is so overwhelming.

couple arguing
Couple arguing. Karmic relationships are strong, characterized by annoying miscommunication and overwhelming emotions.

Signs of a karmic relationship

According to Murphy, if you find it turbulent and full of drama, you may be in a karmic relationship.

“While the instant connection that brought you together was positive at first, it only heightened each other’s feelings and created a lot of drama when someone feels their needs are not being met,” she said.

If the relationship is intense and dramatic, characterized by annoying misunderstandings and tidal waves of diverse emotions, “it’s safe to say you’ve struck a karmic union,” Malone says.

“Although a karmic relationship is not abusive, it is not healthy,” Pritchett said. “It is not sustainable and can become toxic and emotionally draining over time.”

MacLean said that disruption of a karmic relationship can often lead to intense dependence on others. “It is often compared to the feeling of addiction. When you are not together, you feel withdrawn.”

She added, “This does not mean that karmic relationships do not have positive qualities; individuals experience a strong cosmic pull that is very intense but often short-lived.”

Carrie Jeroslow, relationship coach and author Why do they always separate from me?He also suggested that a karmic relationship can be a useful life experience.

“The idea of ​​karmic relationships is always associated with the growth and development of the soul,” she said. “when [you look] In this way, relationships become a source of reflection on where we are on our soul’s journey. “

Couple in conversation
Couple talking to each other. Dating experts say it’s “important to have a life outside of your relationship” when you have a karmic partner.
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What to do if you are in a karmic relationship

Murphy said that two people in a karmic relationship are likely to have similar interests and friends. “However, having a life outside of your relationship is just as important.”

You should make sure that you have separate hobbies and friends. “By actively participating in these activities or hanging out with other friends, you have something to talk about when you are together and become less dependent.”

Blogging can also help you navigate a karmic relationship, according to coach Natalia Benson in an article for Well + Good. Writing down your thoughts regularly has a number of mental health benefits because it encourages you to process your feelings.

However, you should not try to stay in a karmic relationship if you think that it has become unhealthy or harmful.

Always put your happiness and well-being first, Pritchett said. “Get rid of any relationship that doesn’t make you happy or doesn’t satisfy you.”

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