Strategic Thinking – 6 Questions Successful People Ask themselves

What are the factors that many great entrepreneurs owe their success to? The late Apple founder Steve Jobs provides proof of this. He believed that perseverance, as well as courage, was the key to long-term success. Recent research has now revealed that there are 6 questions that can predict your success.


Reconsider your thinking

According to a recent study published by Carol Dweck, among others, in the Proceedings of the National Academic of Sciences Journal, Effective strategic thinking Predict how effective people will be in pursuing their goals. According to the results of the study, it is not enough just to have strategic skills, but also a way of thinking in the first place is decisive for success. Therefore, strategic thinking can be more or less decisive for war.

Basically, the conclusion of the study results can be concluded that they are important above all for long-term success Reconsider your thinking. There is also a scientific term for this process. Here it is called beyond knowledge Talk. This generally refers to thinking and questioning one’s own ways of thinking and decisions.

Success comes from the right mix

As Steve Jobs said, if you want long-term success, you need Courage and perseverance. Try to reach your goals by repeating certain tasks over and over and getting better each time. However, don’t let minor setbacks affect you and drag you down. This is the first step and it certainly leads in the right direction. But as you already know, that’s not all.

This is where metacognition comes in.

Rethink your actions, decisions, and actions and make regular reflections on them.

Here, however, you must be careful not to slip into the so-called overthinking. Thinking spirals that deepen and your thinking Workflow block.


The great advantage of strategic thought flow is that you can better optimize your actions. You are basically your teacher and you don’t make yourself dependent on anyone else. But this requires a huge amount of self-discipline, and you won’t learn the ability to think strategically overnight. But as you know, success requires persistence above all else.

6 questions to learn strategic thinking

But now we come to the most important part. how could you Really learn strategic thinking and improve it at the same time? For this purpose, the researchers from the previous study created 6 different questions to test the theory of the effectiveness of strategic thinking on the subjects.

These six questions must be answered with numbers on a scale Can answer from 1 to 5. 1 stands for not at all viable, while 5 stands for absolutely viable. You can also answer the following six test questions on your own and thus gain your own insight.

  1. If you get stuck, Wondering what is the best way to help yourself?
  2. When you find you’re not making progress Wondering if there is another better way to solve this problem?
  3. When you are very frustrated about something, Are you wondering how you can do better?
  4. Do you ask yourself a lot in challenging moments, What can you do to improve yourself?
  5. When you struggle with a problem How often do you ask yourself how best to help yourself?
  6. If you find a particular task particularly difficult, How often do you ask yourself, what can you do to improve it?

Now we come to the conclusion. Unsurprisingly, the higher your answer score, the higher your chances of success in the future. This was also the result of the study, the results of which showed that those who critically question their goals and apply strategic thinking achieve significantly greater success in life, regardless of the goals set individually.


Preparation is everything and the end of everything

Anyway, it pays off Effective preparation in any case. This was the result of another experiment conducted by the research team. In this experiment, the subjects were divided into two groups. One of the groups had the opportunity to give a specially prepared presentation The concept of reading mindset, which contains some important information about working efficiently. Then both groups were given a task that could be solved in different ways.

Which group is significantly more involved in advance Strategic mindsets Cope with, clearly outperformed the control group, which approached the task without preparation.

It was noted that this Achieve all required goals faster, because they are constantly improving their working methods and finding better and better solutions for themselves. It is important to note that this group did not focus on a single solution that worked, but rather tried to discover better methods. Constant analysis and process improvement are the key to success.

You see, it’s all about preparing, analyzing your solutions and always improving.

Just because something works well doesn’t mean it’s the right way forever.

who – which The secret to success is to rethink the way you think Prepare appropriately and effectively for specific tasks. This way you can also achieve lasting success for yourself. With the right mix of courage and perseverance, you may not become the next Steve Jobs right away, but the potential for a successful life increases exponentially.

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