Summer Trip Notebook: A Combination of Mobility, Durability, and Productivity…

Hello community,

I’m looking for – let’s say a combination of mobility, power, and productivity.

I often have an old 15-inch Asus laptop with me when I travel – a pretty powerful laptop in its own right
But this has become very difficult for me.. Asus is working on EnedavourOS-ie Linus…das-genialste-arch-m-ein-erster-test.2072406/
Well – EndeavorOS – The software is really cool – I love it. It hardly let you down. One of the best Linux I’ve ever had.

who – which Device: Asus A54L Notebook i3 4GB RAM

Asus A54L Notebook i3 4GB RAM
Width 378 mm
Depth 253 mm
Height (front) 3.3 cm
Height from the back 3.5 cm
Weight 2.6 kg

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Plus: – I have one for travel MEDION® AKOYA® E4254 Sold.
Intel® Pentium® Silver N5000 معالج Processor
Windows 10 Home in S mode.
Including 1 year Office 365 Personal subscription
35.5 cm (14″) HD IPS display
64 GB flash memory
4GB DDR4 Memory

The Medion may be aluminum – but it’s actually a nuisance. Because it broke off a few weeks after using it for the first time. See here…4254-materialermuedungsrisse-was-tun.2026812/

So: This is what the cracks look like – as in the pictures here:…0C244FC7C60DA8B4/image-size/large?v=v2&px=999…A990B042CD429EF/image-size/medium?v=v2&px=400…6307EFF5BB677F6/image-size/medium?v=v2&px=400

This is what it looks like to us trying to fix it: (I’m still ahead of it – I want to try carbon panels too).


Hemonu – then patched with carbon plates – this is what it looks like: Damage-an-E4254-Support-say-am-Phone-sofort/mp/87745#M18099

Hemonu online, for example, has ready-made carbon fiber panels that are just 0.2mm thick. It can be cut with scissors. From these I cut “plaster” for each of the hinges and glued them to the housing above the hinges with double-sided tape. The tape is a high quality cyan tape and the thickness is also 0.2mm.

See Damage-an-E4254-Support-said-am-Phone-sofort/mp/87745#M18099 Carbon fiber easily absorbs tensile forces in the hinge and this case is more stable than before.
Medion – and this is – let’s say it publicly – a real disappointment – and I learned here in the forum with your advice – I will never understand this error again. Many here clearly advise – count on quality and durability too. At least that’s what I realized here – let’s say “learned”.

In the thread above (on the case Medion disaster) – @whats4 writes there:


Tip: Choosing carbon straps on the Ali will probably be bigger and cheaper above all else.
Because you can find the same things on the big river, but with the expected premium.

I still haven’t had any carbon tape – but I will next week:

You @whats4 – continued:

What to do if you need a cheap laptop, for example for relatives:
Sure, a revamped Thinkpad, a revamped display font, or a revamped Elite Book. They last almost forever. Because it’s built so that the field worker throws the part onto the passenger seat and rushes to the next appointment. It opens and closes many times a day.

Maybe that’s true – and yes: I’ll never buy a Medion again. An acquaintance offered me a 13-inch Thinkpad.

ThinkPad 13 Inch Lenovo Ultrabook Intel Core i5 16GB Processor
Storage: 256 GB SSD
Battery Capacity: 100%
Intel Core i5 – 6200U 2 x 2.3 – 2.8GHz, Skylake
What’s cool: A very cool and powerful keyboard.
Weight 1.44 kg
Width 322.4 mm
Depth 222.8 mm
Height 19.8 mm

Talking about: In the office we have a Lenovo Thinpad 510 replacement – it’s a 14-inch model – and obviously a little heavier – but with the undoubted power of the Thinkpad – nothing to wobble, the screen lasts forever in my opinion and it’s really what you are, Whats4, say… built for rough use.

what do you mean by that!? Lenovo Thinkpad 13 inch Ultrabook, with Intel Core I5 ​​processor, 32 GB is a worthwhile bargain – for 230 euros. I think that when I repair Medion with carbon panels in the near future, it may not be as powerful as the Thinkpad mentioned above

what do you mean by that!? Is Lenovo Thinkpad 13 inch Ultrabook, with Intel Core I5 ​​processor, 32 GB a worthwhile bargain – for 230 euros

Here’s more about the Thinkpad – although I’m not entirely sure if that applies here – if this is the 13-inch figure my friend is giving me: see /13-series/ThinkPad-13-Windows-2nd-Gen/p/22TP2TX133E? orgRef =

distance Military Standards Tested:
Tested to 12 military specifications and over 200 rigorous quality tests to make sure it can withstand the rigors of work, travel or play, the ThinkPad 13 makes typing a joy. The legendary ThinkPad keyboard is so comfortable that typing becomes a pure pleasure – all without a mouse. In fact, this keyboard offers two options for controlling the cursor – the popular TrackPoint and the intuitive and clickable TrackPad. Simply move your cursor, select items, zoom in or out, or drag and drop. These features are just two reasons why our keyboard is award winning and delights users from all over the world. The ergonomic keyboard allows for accurate typing in the light and in the dark thanks to the two-stage warm white backlighting.

Perfect on the go – even without a charger.
ThinkPad 13 weighs only 1.44kg and is 19.1mm to 19.8mm thick, which is very portable. In addition, with a battery life of more than 11 hours, it is ideal for users who attend meetings a lot and have to leave their desks frequently. So you can work productively all day and still have enough charging capacity afterwards.

Efficiency has never been better.
With a 33.78 cm (13.3″) FHD display, the ThinkPad 13 brings tables to life, and IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology ensures vivid color from every angle and in every position.

Numerous contacts.
Whether it’s an external drive via a fast USB 3.0 interface, a smartphone or other device via USB Type-C, or a TV or other display with HDMI – the choice is yours. Just call and go.


2 x USB3.0
1 x USB 3.0 (with power supply)
1 x USB-C
1 x HDMI
OneLink +
4-in-1 Memory Card Reader (SD, SD-HC, SD-XC, MMC)
1 x Microphone/Headphone Combo Jack


Intel® 2×2 AC + Bluetooth® 4.2
1 x 1AC + Bluetooth® 4.0 PCIe M.2
Bluetooth® 4.1
Dimensions (W x D x H)
322.4 mm x 222.8 mm x 19.8 mm / 12.69″ x 8.77″ x 0.77″

Conclusion: For summer trips – I’m not sure if I should rely on Medion or if I should take my friend’s Thinkpad: Because Medion – this – let’s put it frankly – a real disappointment – and I learned here on the forum from your advice – you won’t take the wrong Never again. Many here clearly advise – count on quality and durability too. At least that’s what I realized here – let’s say “learned”.

To be honest, I don’t trust the Medion when traveling – because it represents the desired combination of mobility, power and productivity.

what do you mean by that!?

cute VG ;)

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