These decisions are made on the last day of the Bundesliga match

Updated on 05/13/2022 at 09:54

  • There are still some unanswered questions on the 34th match day of the Bundesliga.
  • It’s about the last participant in the Champions League, European League and relegation battle.

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Champions Bayern Munich, relegated Grether Fürth and Champions League Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen are set ahead of the 34th round of the Bundesliga. However, in the struggle for other international venues and where to land, there are still decisions to be made. The second drop has not yet been repaired.

Questions that will be clarified in the Bundesliga at a glance

Landing battle:

Hertha BSC (33 points, 36:69 goals)

  • Saves himself directly by winning or drawing Borussia Dortmund
  • He also saves himself in case of defeat in Dortmund if VfB Stuttgart does not beat 1. FC Köln
  • He should be relegated if he loses in Dortmund if Stuttgart beat Cologne

VFP Stuttgart (30 points, 39:58 goals)

  • Saves himself directly by beating 1. FC Köln if Hertha BSC loses in Dortmund
  • He plays in the relegation zone in front of the third-placed table in the second division if Hertha scores in Dortmund or does not win in the FB against Cologne in a Hertha defeat.
  • Even relegated directly in defeat to Cologne if Armenia Bielefeld also compensated for their seven-goal deficit in a home win against Leipzig.

Bielefeld, Armenia (27 points, 26:52 goals).

  • They would still reach relegation level by defeating their guest RB Leipzig, if VfB Stuttgart lost against Cologne and Arminia turned their goal difference, currently seven goals worse, in their favour.

Fourth place in the Champions League:

Leipzig (57 points, 71:36 goals)

  • He retains fourth place with a win in Bielefeld. A draw should also suffice given the 22-goal advantage over Freiburg
  • Remains fourth in defeat at Bielefeld if Freiburg does not win at Leverkusen at the same time

Freiburg (55 points, 57:44 goals)

  • It ranks fourth by defeating Bayer Leverkusen if Leipzig loses to Armenia Bielefeld at the same time. Union Berlin (54 points, 47:42 goals) can still theoretically move to the first division, but it is three points and 30 goals behind Leipzig behind.

Freiburg (light blue jersey) and RB Leipzig (here in the 25th round on March 5, 2022 in a 1-1 draw) not only duel in the 34th round of the Bundesliga in terms of qualification for the Champions League, but also face each other. May 21 in the DFB Cup Final.

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Fifth place in the European League:

Freiburg (55 points, 57:44 goals)

  • It occupies fifth place by defeating Leverkusen if Leipzig grabs at least a point against Bielefeld.
  • Fifth place with a draw in Leverkusen if Union Berlin does not beat Bochum
  • They would finish fifth with a loss at Leverkusen if Union Berlin lost to Bochum and Cologne did not win in Stuttgart or if they did not change the goal difference, which is currently nine goals worse, in their favour. If Freiburg loses by a maximum of seven goals, Union must also play in a draw against Bochum.

Union Berlin (54 points, 47:42 goals)

  • Finishes fifth by beating Bochum if Freiburg do not beat Leverkusen
  • They would finish fifth in a draw with Bochum if Freiburg lost to Leverkusen and Union converted eight goals on goal difference in their favour. In this case, Cologne should not win in Stuttgart

1- FC Cologne (52 points, 51:47 goals)

  • He would finish fifth with a win in Stuttgart if Freiburg lose to Leverkusen and Cologne restores their nine-goal difference. The Union must not win over Bochum in this case

Whether sixth place is enough to participate in the European League or just the conference league can also depend on the cup final. If Freiburg finishes seventh and wins the cup, Bresgau will also play in the European League and sixth in the Bundesliga only in the congress league. If Freiburg finished sixth, the European League is safe. Freiburg and RB Leipzig will play in the cup final on May 21. The allocation of Champions League places has not been affected. (dpa/how)

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