Werder Bremen: A Million Games! Upgrading the Bundesliga brings a lot of money!

Bremen – As unromantic as it may sound, in professional football it is always about money. This is especially true of SV Werder Bremen in the second leg against Jahn Regensburg on Sunday (3.30pm at DeichStube live). Because the income in the first and second league is very different. The Green Eggs felt it so clearly a year ago when they landed. And now it seems the opposite direction, the ascent is at hand. DeichStube calculated what was at stake financially in this one game – at least 30 million euros, maybe more.

TV money

This is where the difference between the tournaments becomes more apparent. As the climber does Werder Bremen Although they are far behind in the TV ratings, according to the Internet platform “fernsehgelder.de”, they collect just over 40 million euros. In the last year of the first division was 49 million euros. It should be noted that the new television contract Bundesliga It’s no longer quite luxurious. And now to the big difference in the league: Werder will only get 20 million euros for his second year in the House of Representatives.

Werder Bremen: The sponsorship income should increase by about 10 million euros if the German League is promoted


Currently the main sponsor Wiesenhof is a good example. The poultry producer just extended his contract for a year – and agreed to two options: in Bundesliga The company from Lower Saxony is said to be transferring 6.5 million euros, a class of less than 3.5. Klaus Filbery, President SV Werder BremenIt has been clarified once after going down that most of the Shepherds You will now pay 40 percent less. All of the sponsors added means there are about 25 million in the Senate and about 15 in the House.

the tickets

Although he fell Werder Bremen Entrance fees are not indicated to the strongest 2 Bundesliga At what time. Only in business has a 20 per cent discount been given, and that’s where they are Ticket prices But also several times higher, it goes in the direction of care. Werder will take more in League 1 in this area. The club has not yet decided whether the prices for season tickets and single tickets will remain fixed. The increased costs of personnel (minimum wages) and energy must also play a role.

Werder Bremen can accept ticket prices if promoted to the Bundesliga

One thing is clear: in the first second division, the fans stayed with him SV Werder Bremen Loyalty as much as possible during the Corona pandemic. All 27,000 season tickets have been sold out. The average attendance before the last home game was 27,835. If there are no more Corona restrictions in the new season, Weser Stadium should sell out more frequently with 42,100 visitors. If there are a few home games in the cup, there could be another 28 million euros a ticketRevenues As in the 2018/19 season. In a lower league, the amount should not be entirely achievable, because some competitors hardly have any fans and are not attractive to the host audience either.


“We have to run a transfer surplus this summer, regardless of the league, but it doesn’t have to be as high as it was last summer,” sporting director Frank Bowman said recently. Almost a year ago, the increase was more than 20 million euros due to Werder Capital They needed to survive, and players like Milot Rachica, Josh Sargent, Maximilian Eggstein and Ludwig Augustenson desperately wanted to leave. If they are not promoted, this can also be envisaged by professionals such as Marco Friedl, Marvin Docksch or Niklas Voelkrug, for them Werder Bremen You will still get a transfer fee. Jerry Pavlenka, Milos Velikovic and Omer Toprak’s contracts expire but can be extended after promotion.

Werder Bremen: Promotion to the Bundesliga means an additional income of at least 30 million euros

Regardless of the league will Werder Bremen You don’t have to look a little bit into the transfer market – as a top-tier club with little money, as a second-tier club maybe just looking for deals and, above all, players on a free transfer. The next aspect is also important: Werder wants to repay his SME loan of 17 million euros in four years, primarily with the help of transfer proceeds – and there is a transfer fee for players from First National League Much higher than second class kickers.


Good for those with at least a year old contract – Niklas Volkrug, Marco Friedl or Leonardo Bettencourt. Increase their salary by one above Automatically by 40 percent, just as it also decreased after going down. This season there Werder Bremen For his team just under 20 million euros. You definitely have to cut the budget a bit if you don’t get promoted. at above 30 million euros plus X scheme for the team. By the way, this amount is far from 47 million euros from the last first division season.


Werder Bremen It doesn’t necessarily have to be promoted for financial reasons, it could certainly afford another year in the second division, but the return will make many things easier – including servicing loans (20 million euros) and interest payments on the bond (17 million euros / 6.5 percent per annum). And it will be permanent 2 Bundesliga Also not as attractive as this season, income is likely to continue to decline. Who should this be Millionscoincidence So be sure to use it. (knee)

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