When a Relationship Turns into a Legal Case An Evening of “All Is Right” Counseling

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When the relationship becomes a legal issue

As long as love is on fire, contracts often don’t matter to couples. That can change with separation. This time, the series “All That Is Right” for the Rheinische Post, the Regional Court and the Bar Association is about “living together with and without a marriage contract”.

We are still in the month of May fun. It is in the sign of love. Many couples will now find each other, some moving in together without a marriage certificate, others ringing wedding bells. Happiness should not be spoiled. But even if it is difficult, it is a good idea to consider the possibility of a breakup. Otherwise, the broken relationship can end as a lengthy legal case.

It is sufficient, then, to give this subject a link in the “All That’s Right” guide chain. On Wednesday, June 1, the Rheinische Post, District Court and the Bar Association invite you to the courtroom for the jury. The title of this event in the joint series is “Living with and without a marriage contract”.

One of the speakers will be attorney Michael Klein from Mönchengladbach MBK. His areas of specialization are family law and inheritance law. Married couples are advised to sign a prenuptial agreement. Klein specializes in both so-called precautionary marriage contracts, which are concluded in times of happy coexistence, as well as “contracts of separation and divorce” (which are taken into account after a relationship has failed).

“A conservative marriage contract is like an airbag,” says Klein. “Hope it never shows up. But if you need it, it’s good to have it.”

Otherwise, such quarrelsome couples could stand up to Bettina Haussmann. She has been a judge of the district court since 2001 and has dealt exclusively with family matters since 2010. In her lecture at this event, she will not only give you information about the course of divorce proceedings, but can also tell you some things from judicial practice.

“How do I get rid of it – within 10 days?!” Hausmann says the film with that title has already occupied several cinemas. The courtrooms are full, too. “And that’s why the question continues to arise as to why some procedures take so long, even so many years, while others are completed in so short a time.”

It thus gives insight into judicial practice and enables a look behind the judicial scenes. “At the same time, the public can see how they can positively influence the duration of divorce proceedings,” says Hüsemann.

Oliver Petzgen will give another perspective on the subject that evening. He has been working as a notary in Mönchengladbach since 2006. In his lecture, he will focus on unmarried couples and what organizational options are available for relationships without a marriage certificate.

Petzgen asserts that “since there are no special legal systems in the event of the dissolution of a non-marital partnership, there are often disputes and court cases.” Therefore, prudential contractual regulations are recommended for the division of assets and compensation claims. The audience also learns what is involved and what needs to be taken into account.

You can find out how to participate in the event in the information box above.

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