A new record of course, but also many falls

6:29 pm

Saturday must remain dry

Weather apps for the next few days are checked regularly in the ring. Saturday is supposed to remain sunny and dry, but Sunday looks like rain. So let’s look forward to the exciting qualifying sessions and the first motorcycle race tomorrow! For today we say goodbye to the index and wish you a good evening. till tomorrow!

Saturday schedule:
09:00-09:40: Moto3 FT3
09:55-10:40 For FT3 Motorcycles
10:55-11:35: Moto2 FT3

12:35-12:50: Moto3 Q1
13:00-13:15: Moto3 Q2
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM: MotoGP FT4
2:10-2:25 p.m.: MotoGP Q1
2:35-2:50pm: MotoGP Q2
15:10-15:25 Moto2 Q1
15:35-15:50 Moto2 Q2
4:25 p.m.: MotoE Race 1 (8 laps)
5:25 p.m.: Northern Talent Cup Race 1 (15 laps)

Photos: MotoGP: French Grand Prix (Le Mans) 2022, practice

5:24 pm

MotoE Q2: Casadei on pole

The run through the first quarter was worth it: Casadei also set the fastest time in the second quarter and took the lead at Le Mans with a time of 1:43.559. In the end, the Aegerter was only a millisecond, and the Swiss finished second. Zannoni completes first grade.

Granado, winner of two spots from Jerez, Torres and Acuba, finished fourth to sixth in qualifying. Ferrari, Canepa, Cardelos and Force are in the top ten.

5:06 PM

MotoE Q1: Casadei and Okubo . continue

MotoE is already running its qualifying session on Friday this season, with one race every Saturday and Sunday. The first quarter just ended, and it was Casadei and Okubo who were leading by a lap margin as the fastest lap.

Escrig narrowly failed to finish third. Garceau and Ponce, who were still vying for the podium at Jerez, were stranded in fourth and sixth places. This means starting in modes 12 and 14 for races.

3:56 pm

Moto2 FT2: Fernandes stays ahead

Fernandes’ best time, which is also a new track record, still stands. Friday finished in first place. Chantra is ranked second thanks to his time in FT1. Acosta completed the top three, followed by Luiz and Arbolino in fourth and fifth.

Despite the breakup, Schrötter leads the second half of the top ten in sixth place. And behind them were Manzi, Dixon, Ogura and Arenas. Tournament leader Viti is eleventh. Despite a late crash, Canet finished last for the temporary direct entry in the second quarter in 14th place.

3:46 pm

Moto2 FT2: Crash Schrotter

We didn’t have to shout it out because Schrotter is now crashing at Turn 13 and can’t attack anymore. Just before that, Manzi also descended.

Fernandes set a new best overall time of 1:36.030 minutes. He leads in front of Chantra and Acosta. And behind them are Lowes, Dixon, Arbolino and Schrötter. However, Dixon’s tours were invalidated. lag behind.

3:44 pm

Moto2 FT2: an increase in Schrötter

Schrotter is getting better and moving up to third place in this session. The German is fifth in the general classification. However, in the last few minutes, the pace should pick up again. It remains to be seen where Schrotter ends up.

3:35 pm

Moto2 FT2: Ranking

After Lowes, Arenas and Lopez also fell. Lowes still holds the best time ahead of Arbolino, Chantra, Arenas and Ogura. Dixon is fifth. Acosta, Fernandez, Kaneh and Schrotter completed the top ten in the session. Spaces are narrow as usual. 16 drivers lie in one second.

About half of the field hasn’t improved yet. There is still 15 minutes to drive.

3:25 pm

Moto2 FT2: Lows with Best Time and Crash

The decline improves to 1:36,403 minutes and takes the lead in this session. In the general classification is the new third. Shantra and Fernandez are still faster. At least Lowes won’t change that for now, because he crashes turn 13.

Schrotter has not improved in the first laps compared to the FT1. As a result, he lost quite a few places in the overall standings and is now in ninth place.

3:19 pm

Moto2 FT2: First time

Drivers Marc VDS Arbolino and Lowes set the early pace for this session. Arbolino leads after four laps by 1:36,811 minutes over Lowes, who is only 69 thousand behind. Acosta is third. Shantra is in fourth place. His best in FT1 is still a few tenths away.

3:03 pm

MotoGP FT2: Marquis 15 only

Miller narrowly missed the top 10 on Friday in 11th. Morbidelli is 12th and finishes the session with a breakdown at Turn 10 followed by Vinales, Marini and Marc Marquez in 13th and 15th. The latter recovered from another crash on the last lap but also lost time in the process. His gap is one second.

2:58 pm

MotoGP FT2: Bastianini with a record in the course

What a tour! Out of nowhere, Bastianini conjures up a new record of 1:31.148 minutes and is thus the leader on Friday. After just a few corners it came down to Dunlop Chicane.

Aleix Espargaro comes in 0.202 seconds and takes second place. Reigns, Zarko and Bagnaya round out the top five. Quartararo finished Friday in sixth place. Behind them are Brad Bender, Mir, Paul Espargaro and Martin, and Paul is the only top ten rider unable to improve in FT1.

2:52 pm

MotoGP FT2: Final Attacks

After Mir and Darryn Binder, Bezzecchi also crashed in Turn 7. The session should be over for him because the last few minutes are on. Many drivers have now fitted new tires in order to time another attack and secure a place in the top ten.

Alex Espargaro sets a new best overall time of 1:31.574 minutes. Shortly thereafter, Marini crashed and caused yellow flags to appear.

2:46 pm

MotoGP FT2: Ranking

Another crash comes into Turn 7. This time it’s Darren Bender. The novice motorcycle player currently occupies the penultimate position in the standings. At the top, Bagnaia is still ahead of Quartararo and Aliix Espargaro.

Zarco is fourth but sixth overall with Paul Espargaro and Reigns leading him in FT1 times. Still some drivers have not improved. That could change in the last eight minutes. After a pause, the first leaves their pits.

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