Act of violence: Police disinfect Grüneburgpark

meIn Frankfurt’s Grünburg-Park, there was violent action among young people late on a Friday evening around midnight. Two eighteen-year-olds, who had met several other young men at a party, were stabbed, some of them life-threatening. The murder squad has now taken over the investigation. The police then cleared the park and cordoned off a large area of ​​the green area.

Catherine Alexander

Editor-in-chief for the “Rain Main” section of the Sunday newspaper.

The crime took place around 11 pm. At that time, many young people were partying there, just like on Wednesday, when especially high school graduates met there at a party.

As witnesses reported, an argument suddenly broke out between a group that did not originally belong to the revelers. A knife was pulled from this group and one person stabbed at least two young men. An eyewitness reported seeing one of the victims bleeding on the ground. The perpetrators fled immediately after the crime. Some of the young men who witnessed the crime were shocked.

The police closed the entrances to the park. No one was allowed to pass. A large group of officers searched the park with flashlights, and patrol cars drove out of the driveways. Forensics investigated crime scenes and possible escape routes. The blockage continued on the section facing the West End University campus until about 3am.

‘The perpetrators mingled with the revelers’

The police expanded the investigation during the night. A spokesman said Saturday morning that witnesses will have to be interviewed first and other tracks evaluated. The perpetrators are still on the run. According to witnesses, they mingled with revelers. It is unclear exactly how the situation escalated and how the attacks occurred. One of the young men told the FAZ forces that the attack “happened suddenly, and no one expected it.”

According to reports, he has also been examined. Whether the act is related to a series of robberies that occurred in the park last summer, including in relation to serious bodily harm.

Just a few days ago, the police announced that they had arrested several people involved in last year’s attacks. This group of young people was not from Frankfurt, but the perpetrators traveled from the Grossgerau region specifically to commit their crimes in Frankfurt Park.

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