Crystal Shards is coming to Nintendo Switch Online +

nintendo Announce it next week Nintendo 64 show from Nintendo Switch Online + about classic Kirby 64: Crystal Shards To expand. This ad came with a trailer this time around. And since Kirby celebrates his 30th birthday this year, honor him nintendo Kirby Even with an original orchestral piece. Kirby 64: Crystal Shards will on 04/20/2022 employment Nintendo Switch Online + Appears.

Kirby and the crystal shards

Dark Matter is attacking the planet Ripple Star and wants to steal its magical fairy crystal from its fictional inhabitants. A fairy tries to escape with the crystal, but dark matter attacks him and shatters the crystal, scattering its pieces on all the planets in the area. The attacking fairy lands on the planet Pop Star and finds there Kirby. how one Kirby Knowing, he can’t stand still and help the fairy find the crystal shards and banish the dark matter at the same time.

Trailer with history

Scheduled Kirby They are children’s toys. Designed for the first time in 2.5D, Kirby The adventure until the teens is not highlighted in the trailer due to blood and violence:

Happy birthday Kirby!

As Kirby celebrates his 30th birthday this year, Nintendo is now celebrating this very special anniversary with an orchestral piece punctuated by a mix of Kirby Dreamland 3 And Kirby 64: Crystal Shards I played.

On his thirtieth birthday Kirby This year also the first full 3D adventure Kirby and the Forgotten Land Get a Nintendo Switch.

When are N64 titles always announced?

After last month Mario Golf to Nintendo Switch Online + It was announced a week before the release and only a few days later a trailer was shown, this time we’re back with the next announcement Kirby Title Get Trailer. Before Mario Golf everyone N64 The titles were announced a month in advance, and will likely be announced only a week in the future.

What N64 titles have been released so far?

nintendo He keeps his promise and is expanding the library regularly. The announcements only vary from two days to a month prior to release. Each ad was followed by a trailer. This is what it was like PaperMarioAnd Banjo KazooieAnd The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s MaskAnd F-Zero X And Mario Golf. Now it will continue star Wars heavy weights like Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire or Star Wars: Rogue Squadron a wish. Sure to be in Nintendo Switch Online + still too much Nintendo 64 You should follow the classics.

Which N64 addresses will follow?

Surely it should be official pokemon snap In the future Nintendo Switch Online + be playable. Unofficial leak revealed 38 Nintendo 64 and 52 Sega Mega Drive Headings should appear to the end. Time will tell if this will indeed be the case.

Let’s hope so Amin Abeer 007 from rare one day too nintendo yields. The signs of this look better than ever.

If we don’t Nintendo 64 Remakes We will be pleased with the outlets of many classics.

Even if some of the emulated titles didn’t perform the best, we’re happy with a large number of titles.

More Nintendo Online News

the first Nintendo 64 The game that has been added to the library PaperMario!

The second Banjo Kazooie!

It was number three The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask!

fourth was F-Zero X!

The fifth title was Mario Golf!

More Nintendo Switch news

Unfortunately, a total of 6 million cans currently Nintendo Switch The keyboards will not be produced due to lack of chips.

the majority Nintendo Switch Players are adults, not children or teenagers!

Each of the current consoles is currently trying to make their online offerings attractive to new subscribers. The Sony PlayStation have it with her PS Plus More than 47 million nintendo With nintendo switch online 32 million X-Box with the game arcade 25 million subscribers.

sources: via via NintendoAnd via NintendoAmerica

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