Dibach am Haag has good chances in government competition

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With great enthusiasm and a great deal of dedication, the people of Dipatch participated in the “Our Village Has a Future” competition. Next Thursday, the evaluation committee will stop in the Bodinger district. © Bjorn Liu

In friendly relations with the neighbors from Vonhausen and Lorbach, Diebach am Haag is counting on good chances in the state competition “Our village has a future”.

Cohesion in the village is everywhere. A few years ago, when the road from A to Z was to be renovated at great cost, many residents were threatened with great costs; For some it could be a matter of existence. The fact that the city of Budingen later abolished the Road Contribution Act after a tough battle is thanks to the perseverance and solidarity of the people of Debach. There is no doubt: the “Däibischer” can be creative, lively, know how to celebrate, hospitable, develop their homeland and make it worth living in – also for posterity. Against this background, participation in the “Our Village Has” a future competition, which is regularly announced by the Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of the state of Hesse, makes sense. Next Thursday, the evaluation committee will stop in the Bodinger district. In the best case, the village will be awarded a prize money of 5,000 euros.

“Daily life in Depatch is no longer a normal thing in many villages of the same size,” says Margit Pope of the Village Association, who is certainly the driving force behind the app. She recalls one of the secrets of why things are going so well in a town of at least 550 people: “The people of Dibach do not draw borders around the village. They see themselves as part of the neighborhood community.

This becomes clear when looking at the cooperation of the club, in the parish, in the kindergarten, in the primary school, in the brochure “Dorfgebabbel” and at the base of the soon-to-be-established fire brigade. Dibach, Lurbach and Vonhausen see themselves as a unit mainly supported by the population. There are also excellent contacts with Eckartshausen, for example with rural women.

On the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Greater Community in Budingen, it is especially evident in Diebach am Haag how local characteristics are cultivated and developed, and how ideas suddenly generate supra-regional radiance. The best example of this is the suburban multigenerational plaza. It is a popular meeting place for locals and a gateway to the area for day travelers. There is caravan parking space on site with a view of Ronneburg, and cycling and hiking trails run nearby. There is a good chance that visitors to the State Garden Show will be welcomed there in 2027, who come from the south and want to explore the Ronneburger Hügelland from Upper Hesse.

There are at least 16 companies and service providers in the small town of Diebach. In addition to the “Bear Cave” kindergarten (two groups of 20 children each), there are two other childcare facilities: the “Wonderland” nursery (24 children under the age of 3) and a day care for children “Kikeriki” (five children up to two years old, places all day) . There is a youth club, Zeitlos-Kreativ, a studio and gallery community with busy Samuel Schwarzkopf, and the well-known farm of the Gerth family. The homemade ice cream is unparalleled in the area.

crime jinn to the photoshoot

“I love living in Dipbach, I feel like I’m in good hands here,” says Wolfgang Buettner, known as the King of the Apples. The news spread that he was writing crime novels. Now he also offers gin – on a photo opportunity at the 750th Anniversary Memorial Stone, he found many buyers in a great atmosphere.

As part of the “Our Village Has a Future” competition, the evaluation committee will get an impression of Diebach am Haag on Thursday, May 19, from 11 am to 1 pm. She is accompanied by the locals. The focus is on shows, meeting venues, specials, insider tips, and Depatch features. It begins in the arena of multiple generations. Concerned citizens are invited to the social conclusion at the center of the village community. Leo

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