Donaueschingen: Donaueschingen will have a Christmas market again in December – and this is what it should look like in the future

Having a Christmas market in town is a nice thing. On the other hand, there are hardly any critical voices. Everyone is happy with the show. Especially in the festive and sensual pre-Christmas period.

However, the mood in the town hall darkened a bit when the topic of the Donaueschingen Christmas market revival was last discussed there: it should happen again, but is presented differently. Different concept, different name: Advent Market. And what about financing? Well, that was a little over budget in the city administration’s planning.

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Too expensive for the Donaueschingen Christmas market – but what should it look like?

Donaueschingen Christmas Market 2017. At that time it was still in the city centre.  Supposed to be something like this again soon, but almost...

Basically, there was approval from management and city councils, only the money issue wasn’t quite right: “Finance was somewhat questionable,” Mayor Eric Pooley said. The city management team was not “wrongly upset”. However, a solution has now been found.

newly revised

They went back to the numbers and brought Regulatory Bureau chief Andreas Derek on board to clarify a few questions: “It was reformulated and something great came out of it,” continues Pauli. It is a new budget plan, designed for a period of three years. The city council agreed.

annual scholarship

It is planned that the city administration for Advent Market at Source, as it will be called in the future, will receive annual support for the event. As Pauli explains, this amounts to €6,000 for technical services. In addition, there is 10,000 euros in the first year and a maximum of 8,000 euros in the next two years: “This is intended to compensate for losses. “If all goes well, there will be no need for that,” the mayor said. He praised the commitment during the preparations, saying, “There is a lot of work to be done. It’s great that you didn’t let the criticism intimidate you.”

boards agree

A spokesperson for the Green Parliamentary Group, Michael Plorock, thanked those concerned: “It is great that the topic is being taken up again. It could go well.” GUB city councilor, Franz Wild, saw things similarly: “I am glad we now have A coherent and well-thought-out plan. This is a sustainable concept.” SPD Parliamentary Group Spokesman Jens Reinpuls also opined that the Advent market would be well received: “After the initial shock when the topic was last discussed, I must say: raise your head to planning. It’s done well and we think it will work that way.”

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There will be another Christmas market in the old court library: what should it look like and above all: how should it be supported?

Unfortunately, the Christmas Grove in and around the Old Court Library will not exist in 2021. Work is in progress on the new concept.

Nadine Lorenz, president of the City Management Association, was clearly pleased with the council’s decision: “Thank you so much for the trust. We look forward to Advent Market.”

The new Advent Marketplace at Source will take place this second weekend in Advent. The residential area will be included in the process. So the market should be grouped around the city church and Lammplatz.

What should the new market look like?

“Atmosphere, original and high quality” – this is how city manager Kristen Neu described in March what a new Christmas market should be like. They want to include the city church, allow about 30 to 35 grandstands and close the Lammplatz square. Clubs, schools, and local gastronomy should also be involved. They want to show applicants to stand up front and also look at the photos of the goods.

What else is on display?

The supporting program must come from the city: local clubs, schools and artists. In the opening, not Saint Nicholas should appear, but the Danube mermaid: “It must be an atmospheric mystical moment,” said New.

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