Four days of instrumental music at Lake Mastholter

Rietberg-Mastholte (GL) – Summer time is festival time. Accordingly, all friends of hand music can look forward to the coming months. Once again, summer at the lake in Masholti is part of the series of outdoor events. Miniburg’s family-friendly festival will take place over four days from September 8-11 in an idyllic lakeside setting.

The marching band Mastholte is the beginning

The kickoff will be given on Thursday. The marching troupe Masholti, led by Bernd Fimmelbooker, will begin next. The 60 active members offer a diverse program that ranges from marching music to samba and polkas to oppa variety music. Start at 7 pm, admission from 6:30 pm. Tickets cost five euros in advance and eight at the box office.

Friday 9 September is much more difficult. Then the Ramonas family will be on the lake stage. This is a women’s tribute band of punk rock icons The Ramones. The four girls accompany the newcomer ’90s pop punk band The Cheap Pops from Wermelskirchen. Start: 7pm Admission: 6pm Tickets for €15 are already on sale.

Saturday 10 September captivating festival with its multi-faceted program. Then three lineups prepare to delight the crowd at Masthulti’s local entertainment district with pop music. Austrian-born Maria Berger, who makes music as an independent pop singer under the pseudonym Oska, will present her impressive album “My world, My love, Paris”. In it, Maria creates a captivating world of radiant melodies, wonderful rhythms and poetic, fable songs.

Tala Tala: The singer with an angelic voice

The second act, Thala Thala, gained international attention as one of the most promising artists of 2021. Born and raised in Berlin, Tala made her debut as a street musician in 2019. Just a few months later, world-famous bands debuted as supporting acts. “Her distinctive angelic voice and allure that anticipates the international spotlight make her stand out from a large group of newcomers,” the organizers wrote.

Sir Simon & Burkini Beach aka Simon Frontzek and Rudi Mayer are third in the group. Friends don’t just play in a band with changing vocal parts. As a sign of the brotherhood between them, Frunzik and Meyer finished their latest album, which was released on the same day, with the same song. The festival begins at Mastholter Miniburg on Saturday at 4 p.m. Tickets cost 25 euros in advance.

Intergalactic guitar sounds for the soul

On the fourth day, summer at the lake turns into Sunday at the lake – and it is completely in the hands of the women. Liv Solveig Things get started. Leif Solveig grew up in southern Germany and in a cottage in the Scandinavian forest, and moved to New York after studying violin in Karlsruhe to study jazz singing. Their debut songs are like a mixture of influences from all over the world. Classic, jazz, folk: Liv’s voice hovers over complex arrangements. Playing the violin on the electric guitar is great.

Duisburg-born singer-songwriter and actress Desiree Clauckens sings in her songs not least about the emotional confusion toward the end of an interpersonal love affair. The music of young Swedish singer Len Koch Emery is rich and full. Quite simply, as if there was at least a four-piece band standing behind the singer. But that is not the case at all, she simply has the feel of juicy dirt rocks. The perfect indie sound is full of rocking guitar music, experimental fluff elements, and catchy pop phrases.

Tickets are now available online in advance

Intergalactic Lovers from Belgium celebrate international success. So far, singer Lara El-Shdraoui, guitarist Martin Higgins, guitarist Raff de Mee and drummer Brendan Corby have released four successful albums. Her current movie, “Liquid Love” tells of love in all its forms and aspects. Sunday at the lake starts at 4pm, admission is from 3pm. Tickets for €29 are available online in advance and at the box office.


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