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Roman (left) and Heiko Lochmann released their debut album as HE/RO. Photo: Lasse Muffelmann

Roman and Heiko Lochmann will release their debut album HE/RO on May 13. The twins celebrate their birthday on the same day. The two never gave anything to each other, as the brothers revealed in an interview.

As a teenager, Roman and Heiko Lochmann, 23, were known as YouTuber and music duo Die Lochis. They are now getting rid of their old image and starting over as HE/RO. On May 13 – the twins’ birthday – their debut album “Teen Star Dilemma” will be released. For the brothers, this is “a whole new chapter and very distinctly different,” they say in an interview with Spot on News. They also talk about toxic romantic relationships, anxiety, and what they have planned for their birthday.

Her new album titled “Teen Star Dilemma”. How dilemma is it for you to be so popular as a teenager?

HE/Ru: The leap from the realm of the “teenage star” to the realm of the “adult” is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks. Thinking and prejudice are our daily bread, which we unfortunately still sometimes encounter even today. We consciously sit on this “elephant in the room” and call it his name.

HE/RO is a fresh start for you. You announced “Teen Star Dilemma” as your debut album, even though you’ve already released three studio albums under the name Die Lochis. Are you opening a whole new chapter with this?

HE/RO: It’s a whole new chapter and obviously a different chapter. Not only for us, but also for the German music scene. Therefore, it is HE/RO’s debut album.

I worked on the new album for three years. What highs and lows did you experience during this time?

HE/RO: When you jump to the deep end, you never know where you’ll end up. Concerns about the future, little crises of meaning, moments of insight and instruction were on our agenda. But above all, moments of confidence, achievement and a new sense of artistic freedom. All this showed us that we are on the right track.

The song F***You is about a toxic love affair. Do you have any experience getting rid of it?

HE/RO: You usually only feel “toxic” when it’s actually there. We’ve already had experiences like this and we’re glad we always pulled the “emergency brake” on time. The topic is not uncommon in relationships.

A lot of your songs talk about love. Why is this topic so important to you?

HE/RO: Love is just a big topic, always and everywhere. However, many of the tracks on the album deal with human relationships in general. Perhaps this is because they are such a big part of our reality.

Currently, there are many issues that concern people, such as the war in Ukraine, environmental protection or climate. Will there be political songs from you in the future?

HE/RU: If you hear “between the lines” in our songs, you know that we are constantly dealing with and dealing with important topics in society and our world as well. We are not the ones who focus on a topic in an eye-catching way. If we want to communicate, something will appear.

For example our song “Falsch mit mir”, where we released our feelings about mental health. Or in Kiss an Dich we are driven by the fast pace of life and the constant struggles of this world. “So Hell” is about the constant pressure to be someone.

This red thread from the deep meta levels actually runs through every song. The beautiful and magical thing about pop music is that it can add “shine” to even the deepest, most difficult or weirdest of subjects (Editor’s note: Weirdest).

“When you’re sad” is life’s low points. When was the last time you didn’t feel well?

Roman Lochmann: The idea for this song came at a time when I was surrounded by panic and anxiety. To be honest, I felt bad about it. The song gave me a lot of courage at the time and was an outlet for my feelings.

The album release falls right on your birthday. Do you already know how you are going to spend the day?

HE/RO: We’re celebrating a huge launch and birthday party in Berlin with lots of friends, colleagues and patrons.

Do you give each other anything?

HE/RO: No, we haven’t done that before. why not?

What do you want for your birthday?

HE/RO: To give everyone a chance for this album and to open their ears to our new music.

What are your plans for HE/RO this year?

HE/RO: We definitely want to go live again and go on tour with the new album!

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