Insult on Defense Committee: FDP politicians leave meeting in protest of Schultz – initiator of offers of resignation – Politics

When Olaf Schultz left the conference room at Paul-Löbe-Haus shortly after nine in the morning and was asked how it was, the chancellor shouted with a mischievous smile: “Great.” Go back to the chancellery. But it clearly wasn’t that “super” after all. In the end, there is still a suboptimal picture of his Traffic Signal Alliance. An FDP politician is so intertwined that he draws personal conclusions.

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scholz He didn’t really understand at first why some FDP politicians had left the meeting earlier. But what is supposed to be a fatal blow to the SPD chancellor, a soothing explanation of his cautious course in arms delivery, ends in a petty scandal in the Defense Committee and later in the farce of the FDP. In the end, the incident above all shows how fragile his traffic light alliance is currently.

But first things first. A private session is scheduled for 8 a.m. for the counselor’s first appearance. President Marie Agnes Strack Zimmermann (FDP), which had recently been his fiercest critic within the coalition, greeted him with a handshake. “We do it every Friday the 13th now,” she says. “Exactly,” Schulz smiles. “Both sides are trying to show unity — but that doesn’t last long, at least not with the other FDP committee members.”

It’s nine in the morning and the meeting is about to end. However, when Schulze did not respond repeatedly and avoided inquiries about the status of arms shipments to Ukraine and when the Marder tanks could also be given the green light, members of the Defense Committee of the FDP left the conference room.

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