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Free entry! On International Museum Day on May 15, museums open their doors for free. A small group of activities in which participation is desirable. Fun, not just for kids.

Culture lovers will get their money back on Sunday, May 15th – and it’s free. About 150 museums across the state of Hesse participate in international shows Museum DayWhich bears the slogan “The Power of Museums” this year.

The idea behind it: Museums – as places of discovery – have the opportunity to change the way we see the world. Learn from the past for the present and the future while having fun at the same time. After two years of epidemiological and digital demonstrations, on-site actions have begun again. Here is a small group.

Fulda | Frankfurt | nada | Homberg (Evzy) | Castle | Offenbach | Darmstadt | Wolfhagen

“Ahrweiler piano” sounds for the last time

It was a sign of hope during the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley when assistants played a piano that was actually intended for the huge dumpster. Now “Ahrweiler piano” in the German Fire Brigade Museum folda. On Sundays it will take place for the last time – with a very special Sonata. Composer Kay Finchell wrote the piece “A Tribute to Mankind – From Natural Forces, Loss and Hope” especially for the Historical Instrument. He plays this for the first and only time on a Sunday.
location: Fulda Fire Department Museum time: 10.30 am

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Ahrweiler plays the piano one last time

Piano by Ahrweiler at the Fire Department Museum in Fulda - Piano covered in dry clay - with white paint written PLAY ME!

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What is this stone?

Can stones tell stories? Geologists have a clear answer to this question. Yes, of course! Some are mysteriously sparkling, others are multicolored, and with a bit of luck you’ll find sealed fossils. Geologist Caroline Hockerther participates in the Funderau Museum folda The treasures that visitors brought with them under the magnifying glass explain how rock identification works and how the history of the origin of the finds can be elicited.
location: Funderau Fulda Museum time: 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

View of the exhibition at the Funderau Museum.  Geographical model, stones and tools used by geologists

A Journey to the Roman Era

In the Archaeological Museum Frankfurt Museum Day is all about the Roman era. All kinds of games were a part of life in a Roman city, and some of them can be experienced. Was he cheating on Delta and Astragalus at the time?
location: Archaeological Museum in Frankfurt time: From 12 noon to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 3 pm

Roman Games - Dice, Stones and Coins

When you tell the stones…

More stones, stories tell, can be tried in Nida (Wettrau). The Jewish Museum nada Invites you to take a tour of the new Jewish cemetery. Please bring a men’s hat.
location: Parking at Am Lipholz Cemetery, Nida time: From 4 pm to 5 pm

Jewish cemetery in Nada

Printing on the Gutenberg press

In Homberg (Efze), you can stay at home Reshape In the words of Luther “Educate men and create schools and teachers for all.” What helps greatly in this task is the information that can be printed on paper. This can be experienced in the “Printing on the Gutenberg Press” workshop.
location: Repair house in Homberg (Efze) time: 4 pm

newspaper printing

Steaming in Kassel

Technology Museum Castle He will be in full force on Sunday. When water is converted into energy, things can heat up completely. Steamboats, tractors, toy steamers and a dash tug go full on Museum Day.
location: Technology Museum in Kassel time: From 11 am to 5 pm

Steam locomotive at the Kassel Museum of Technology

More flowers from Offenbach

In Offenbach, Museum Day should make an impact after Sunday. in home City History The motto is “Make the city prosper”. In a workshop, seed clusters are put together in order to distribute them together in the city.
location: The History House of Offenbach time: From 11 AM to 2 PM

Colorful flowers bloom meadow

Mammoth Party in Darmstadt

At the Hesian State Museum Darmstadt There is a huge party on Museum Day. The return of a mastodon from its trip to the United States is a good reason to celebrate the primitive elephant. In addition to the special exhibition, there are creative activities, a selfie spot, and a concert by Christian Seeger Trio.
location: Hesian State Museum in Darmstadt time: From 11 am to 5 pm

mammoth skeleton

Female beauty and cake

“What is beautiful?” The Wolfhager Regional Museum answers that question country In Wolfhagen with its exhibition “Ideals of Female Beauty through the Ages”, which opens on Sunday on Museum Day. The show looks at the theme from antiquity to the present day and at the opening ceremony there will be a cake for everyone.
location: Regional Museum Wolfhager Land in Wolfhagen time: From 2 pm to 4 pm

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International Museum Day

International Museum Day It has been held annually since 1978. It aims to draw attention to the thematic diversity of museums, their societal and social significance and to demonstrate the broad scope of museum work.

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Even after today, constantly usable digital Offers How to discover video tours, online groups or 360-degree museum tours from home.

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