Matthias Ginter calculates – How did the separation from Mönchengladbach happen

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Ginter’s account – How did the split from Mönchengladbach happen

Ginter returns to his youth club Freiburg

National player Matthias Ginter returns to his youth club, SC Freiburg. The 28-year-old moves to Breisgau from Borussia M’gladbach on a free transfer. As usual, the sports club did not provide any information on the duration of the contract.

Out of respect for the team, he remained silent until now. But now, disappointing Matthias Ginter has commented for the first time on his departure from Borussia Mönchengladbach. His account statement for club management.

Hs is a doubly abrupt transfer. Until the announcement in December, not many expected Matthias Ginter to leave Borussia Mönchengladbach. And that the national player will now return to his former club SC Freiburg at the age of 28 hardly anyone thought possible.

It is also unusual for the initiative to come from Ginter. At least that’s what Christian Streiche suggested. Ginter’s old and future coach said the player came up with the idea before the game against Union Berlin on Saturday. “We talked to each other. It’s only possible that way. A player in that capacity, with this history, would have to want something like that for himself. He really wanted it. Then we really wanted it, of course,” says Streische.

Decision from the heart: Matthias Ginter returns to his hometown of Freiburg and coach Christian Streiche

Source: dpa / Bernd Weissbrod

According to Ginter, there were “three to four clubs” in Germany that would have been considered a transfer. He had the best feeling with Freiburg. “The sporting role for me, the coach, the environment, the fans. Especially since there is a feeling of home,” he said in the fan podcast “MitGeredet”: “If we are honest, it was 100 percent true in Freiburg.”

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Ginter was to remain as team captain

This is exactly what he apparently lost in the lower Rhine. In any case, defender Borussia Moenchengladbach was harshly criticized for their handling of him, and reported on a conversation with his advisor last summer.

Roaring departure: Matthias Ginter raises allegations against his long-time employer Borussia Mönchengladbach

Roaring departure: Matthias Ginter raises allegations against his long-time employer Borussia Mönchengladbach

Source: dpa / Bernd Thissen

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While Ginter received signals from Gladbach’s sporting chief at the time, Max Eberl, that the club wanted to extend the contract with the defender, which was due to expire after this season, and were planning to be captain and captain, his advisor told him Eberl and the club were willing to sell him. “It was very bitter and difficult for me. Something broke in there. Because I felt like we wanted to build something together,” says Ginter.

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After not realizing the sale planned for the summer of 2021, he subsequently received an offer from Borussia. “Max approached my advisor who at first thought it was a joke. It was an offer of absence to say then, ‘We made him an offer!’” Ginter added, ‘Then it was rumored that the amounts were around four million or that I asked for too much. I can comfort everyone. But I told my advisors: ‘No matter how much, it’s done. We don’t need to talk anymore because it was disappointing how things went in the summer.”

Gladbach sports director Roland Verkus immediately responded to the comments and was disappointed with Ginter’s behaviour. “I have learned not to speak ill of others and my old employer. You don’t, and I made it clear to Matzi,” Ferkus said.

He was not involved at the time of the negotiations and “that would have been fine,” Ferkus admitted: “But he has to realize that himself.” Coach Adi Hutter explained: “There are people who take such things out of the world. I think it is best to say a little about it.”

According to his own statement, the last few weeks were the worst for Ginter after the club announced his departure: “The fact that I made a public appearance and said nothing about it from my point of view because I did not do it. Ginter, who played for Borussia in the Bundesliga for five years, said, ” This was the hardest time.”

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