MotoGP Le Mans live tape: Bagnaia ahead of Miller in first place

4:13 pm

Couple of interesting numbers

For Ducati, it is number one in Le Mans.

– It’s the 50th place for the Ducati factory team in MotoGP and the 60th for the Italian factory in the first division.

– It is the fifth time that the Desmosedici GP has taken pole position this season (2x Bagnaia, 2x Martin, 1x Zarco).

– Bagnaia equals Capirossi by eight pole positions on the Ducati and becomes the second Ducati rider with the most pole positions in MotoGP.

4:11 pm

Francesco Bagnaia: “First starting point at Le Mans”

Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati; I): “I’m really happy. In FT4 I still had brake issues and was a bit worried about qualifying. But then a little change of setup helped me a lot. I was faster straight away and I was competitive. This is my first MotoGP position in Le Mans. I am very happy.”

4:10 pm

Jack Miller: ‘Bico helped a little bit’

Jack Miller (Ducati; II): ‘We have in FT4 [mit einem Sturz] It gives a lot of work. The tires were a little weird today. I usually always use the soft tire for a quick lap like everyone else does. But today I tried the medium tire and it seems to cool off on the front wheel. This is especially true on the left flank and I was surprised by that in the FT4.”

“We need to understand that better for the race. Apart from that, of course, I’m happy with the first row, especially because it was 1-2 for the team. ‘Pecco’ helped me a little bit, that was great. We want to do the same tomorrow.”

4:09 pm

Alex Espargaro: “That was the limit today”

Alex Espargaro (Aprilia; III): “Of course, if you don’t have an alternate machine available, you definitely want to avoid making a mistake. That’s why I took it more carefully on the first try. However, I was fast and almost cracked at 1:30. That’s when I knew I could attack on the second try. “.

“I was lucky to get a free lap on this not too long track. I did 2 laps and the second was absolutely perfect. I was absolutely maxed out and didn’t make a single mistake. That was the max today. Couldn’t go faster than 1 now. : 30.6 on my bike.

3:54 pm

Moto2 Q2: Acosta’s first pole

In the end, nothing has changed in the first two rows. Acosta celebrates his first Moto2 pole with a new course record. Dixon and Fernandez line him up, with the top three not even twenty apart. Lowes finished in fourth despite his early crash. Arenas and Lopez secure fifth and sixth positions, respectively.

Kané finished the playoffs in seventh place, followed by Ogura, Bendsneider and Arbolinho. Chantra crashes late and gets stuck in 11th place. Schrotter can no longer improve and is 13th behind Navarro.

3:49 pm

Moto2 Q2: Acosta with record

Now we get one by one. Acosta took the lead with a new course record of 1:35,803 minutes. Dixon and Fernandez also pass with Louise. He returned to fourth place.

Arenas and Lopez share second grade with him at the moment. Schrotter has fallen behind and is now only 13th, and he needs to improve now.

3:45 pm

Moto2 Q2: Best time under pressure

Lowes didn’t seem to have changed, but of course his session was ruined. With 1:36,071 minutes he is currently ahead. But the competition could increase now. Arenas in second, Acosta in third. Schrotter is currently in the pits. He is eighth in the rating.

3:43 pm

Moto2 Q2: Two accidents

Lowes had just set the best time when he was in Turn 8. That must be a high. A little earlier, Ogura crashed into the sixth turn. This means that two of the first row candidates are out of the race.

3:37 pm

Moto2 Q2: Who will take first place?

In the next 15 minutes, it will be decided who will take first place of the day. There are few potential candidates. Fernandez, Ogora, Acosta and Luis were quick in practice.

3:28 pm

Moto2 Q1: Vietti fails by a hair’s width

Dalla Porta remains top of the first quarter with a time of 1’36.259 and is ahead on the lap with Aldeguer, Bendsneyder and Navarro.

Vietti gets better with every lap in the second round, but in the end it just isn’t enough. The world championship leader lags six thousand in fourth place. He will have to start the race from 19 on the grid tomorrow.

3:25 pm

Moto2 Q1: Airtight Box

Vitti is on his way to having the best time after the first three sections, but is losing momentum and finishing fifth. However, he is only 0.073 seconds off the lead and 28 milliseconds off the fourth. It’s incredibly tight.

3:22 pm

Moto2 Q1: Ranking

Aldeguer moved to second place. This means that Rodrigo is currently out of the top four, which are only 45ths between them. Vietti stopped and is now close to him. He is currently in sixth place, 0.180 seconds behind. Another passenger crashed in Antonelli.

3:18 pm

Moto2 Q1: Ranking

Everyone did three or four laps. He leads Dalla Porta ahead of Bendsnider, Navarro and Rodrygo. Viti is only fifth. There were actually two falls: Zakon and Kelly fell to the ground.

3:11 pm

Moto2 Q1: Vietti on board

Today’s last qualifier belongs to Moto2. Sixteen drivers will compete in the first quarter, including championship leader Viti. As always, only the four are the fastest to advance and can prove themselves again in the second quarter.

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