Netflix: 12 Movie Tips From GameStar Editors

Netflix is ​​full of series and movies. It’s nearly impossible to track down – or even get one. Don’t worry, you have us! When we’re not doing gymnastics through interactive worlds, we’re sitting on the couch in front of the TV and competing with our houseplant to see who can gather dust the fastest.

That’s why we have twelve movie recommendations from us at this point to enrich your next day. If you can wait that long to watch, because the flicks are really good – enjoy the dusting of dust, oops, I’m watching!

Speaking of goggles: If our concentrated list of movie experience isn’t enough for you, you’ll find more recommendations here about Disney Plus:

11 Movie and Series Tips from the Editors of GameStar


Disney Plus

11 Movie and Series Tips from the Editors of GameStar

GameStar editors recommend 12 movies on Netflix


Type: horror | Netflix version: March 20, 2020 | Duration: 94 min | Director: Galder Gazztello Urrutia | the actor: Evan Massagi, Antonia San Juan, and Zurion Iguilor

Geraldine Hohmann: You know that feeling when people say “Oh, I wish I had never seen an XY movie and now I can see it for the first time”? I also wish I didn’t have memories of The Well anymore…but I might find a note that I warned you not to watch that damn movie.

But since life doesn’t work that way, at least here’s a warning from me to you: If you have a sensitive stomach or a sensitive mind, you better check out something else from this list. But if you’re in the mood for human depths and poignant, realistic damask, you won’t find much better on Netflix.

The Well asks a simple question: If you were to send a table full of food down a well every day cutting through several floors where people live, what else could go down? By very simple means and without wasting much time, you are thrown into the column with the characters and face a harsh reality. And hard fairy facts seem just like what we need sometimes.

The Shaft: Netflix trailer for the Spanish horror movie


The Shaft: Netflix trailer for the Spanish horror movie

Type: Procedures | Netflix version: April 24, 2020 | Period: 116 minutes | Director: Sam Hargrave | the actor: Chris Hemsworth, David Harbor, and Golshifteh Farahani

Phil Elsner: As a fan of John Wick, The Raid, and fantastically designed action and martial arts films, Extraction has been a discovery for me. Because while the story about black ops mercenary Rake, who is supposed to rescue the son of a powerful guild leader in the Bangladeshi criminal underworld network, will definitely not win an Oscar, the event is more than something we should be proud of.

Hemsworth plays his best as Rake, performing amazing stunts and insane sequences that have put most other Hollywood productions in disgrace. Step aside, Bruce Willis! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shootout, a chase or a hand-to-hand fight: the extraction keeps it up to date, works with remarkably few cuts and combines great camera action with high-quality and extremely brutal choreography.

So it’s no wonder Extraction is one of Netflix’s most successful productions of all time: in the first month after release alone, the movie reached over 90 million families! The Extraction 2 sequel has long been confirmed and sends Chris Hemsworth to cold Georgia as Tyler Rake. Is there a new franchise on the horizon? Anyway, John Wick will be in good company!

Tyler Rake: Extraction - The Official Netflix Action Trailer


Tyler Rake: Extraction – The Official Netflix Action Trailer

behind the curve

Type: Documentary | Netflix version: November 15, 2018 | Period: 95 minutes | Director: Daniel J Clark | the actor: Mark K. Sargent, Patricia Steer

Natalie Sherman: When I first saw Behind the Curve, all I was looking forward to were a few laughs. Because the documentary tells the story of the Flat Earth Society that has set itself the task of disproving centuries of science and research and proving that the Earth is flat.

However, Behind the Curve doesn’t tell us much about the Flat Earthers’ adventure theories, but rather about the people behind them. Instead of hilarious popcorn cinema, I was expecting a surprisingly poignant story about people who, in their beliefs—and admittedly very ridiculous—find like-minded people, friends, and some kind of family after they couldn’t really connect with their social environment.

Behind the Curve is one of the best documentaries I’ve seen and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get a sneak peek into the thinking of conspiracy theorists. And I won’t lie: I ended up shedding a tear when they accidentally proved the curve of the Earth. oh

Behind the Curve: An Introduction to the Documentary on the Flat Earth Society


Behind the Curve: An Introduction to the Documentary on the Flat Earth Society

El Camino

Type: crime drama | Netflix version: October 11, 2019 | Period: 122 minutes | Director: Vince Gilligan | the actor: Aaron Paul, Todd Alquist

Warning: The script contains minor spoilers for the Breaking Bad series.

Remy Burnzel: What might sound like an attempt to keep making money off of Breaking Bad IP turns out to be a dramatic finale that will appeal to Breaking Bad fans in particular. Because at the end of the series there were still some open storylines that were never completed.

The film begins six years after the events of Breaking Bad and focuses on the role of Aaron Paul: Jesse Pinkman. The relationship between him and Walter White continued to deteriorate towards the end until Jesse eventually went his own way. As a result, the film lacks the obligatory partner who can provide the lavish dialogue that was still plentiful in Breaking Bad, but it’s very interesting to focus solely on Jesse and his plight.

In addition, some characters from the series show more than just fan leases. Watching Jesse escape to a normal life is an emotional ride, but it also manages to lead Jesse’s character to a roundabout ending we wished for at the time in Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad: El Camino trailer reunites Jesse Pinkman with her old friends


Breaking Bad: El Camino trailer reunites Jesse Pinkman with her old friends

in depth

Type: Drama | Netflix version: January 22, 2017 | Period: 107 min | Director: Marty Noxon | the actor: Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves

Steffi Schlutag: To The Bone was a completely accidental find that I stumbled upon one of my “what I watch” nights. It is about Elaine, who has suffered from anorexia and depression for a long time and is now looking for the help of a therapist in unusual ways. She moves into a messy shared apartment with other eating disorder people from all walks of life, who cautiously make friends.

For someone with a superficial knowledge of the subject, To The Bone was a great idea, especially since actress Lily Collins was an anorexic herself and lent her experience to the role of Elaine. But the film is not without controversy among those affected, so do not take everything that is said about it seriously! This is primarily about history, not a scientific review of a complex disease.

I was totally fascinated by the believable characters and their funny, sometimes really annoying moments together. So much so that I wish To The Bone was a series! The movie could have been a great start — but hey, Netflix gives and Netflix takes, we know that.

To The Bone: Trailer for the Netflix drama starring Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves


To The Bone: Trailer for the Netflix drama starring Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves

Monsters without a nation

Type: war drama | Netflix version: September 3, 2015 | Period: 137 minutes | Director: Kari Joji Fukunaga | the actor: Idris Elba and Abraham Atta

Valley Aschenbrenner: Are you in a good mood to have a good time? Then you should definitely not watch Beasts of no Nation. Because director Kari Joji Fukunaga’s war drama (True Detective, James Bond: No Time to Die) is like a punch in the stomach at its best.

But no wonder, in fact, given the plot on which “Beasts Without a Nation” is working: in the course of a civil war in West Africa, the family of young Ago (Abraham Attah) dies and he himself is forced to flee. In the process, Agu is captured by a ruthless rebel leader (Idris Elba) who leads a battalion of child soldiers across the country. Agu quickly confronts the horrors of war such as looting, rape, and execution while growing up faster than he would like.

No, monsters without a nation is not fun. But that’s not what the movie is supposed to be. On the other hand, Fukunaga’s drama is intensely presented and frighteningly realistic. Thanks in part to the brilliant acting of Idris Elba (Suicide Squad, Pacific Rim) and Abraham Atta (Spider-Man: Homecoming). The Beasts of no Nation won’t let you go for a while – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Monsters Without a Nation: German War Drama Trailer on Netflix


Monsters Without a Nation: German War Drama Trailer on Netflix

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