Samsung’s new Micro LED technology

ISE 2022 Samsung’s new Micro LED technology

In Barcelona at ISE 2022, Samsung introduced its new micro-LED technology, which enables smaller pixel pitches. Also new to Samsung is the Flip Pro interactive whiteboard with smart features.

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Samsung has reduced pixel spacing in the new modular LED wall The Wall.

(Photo: shen weixin/Samsung)

Samsung traveled to the Catalan capital to attend ISE 2022 with its new micro-LED technology. Pixel spacing has been reduced for more detailed images. This is how the “The Wall” mini LED display (IWB) with pixel pitch of 0.63 and 0.94 was implemented.

In addition, “The Wall” features high image and picture dynamics with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The modular display system offers a wide variety of screen sizes – from 4K videos in 110-inch to 8K for 220-inch. Powered by Samsung’s Micro AI processor, The Wall analyzes the image content and adjusts the image quality to the content and avoids unwanted noise. In addition, the mini LED wall can display multi-display content from up to four sources simultaneously on a single screen. A splitter is usually not required to play the content. 2000 nits peak brightness ensures clear images.

According to the manufacturer, the individual components of “The Wall” are also getting larger, so users only need to install four device modules to configure their UHD display.

The Wall All-In-One and Flip Pro 2022

Samsung also introduced the all-in-one “The Wall” (model name: IAB) in Barcelona. The 49mm slim IAB is available in three different models with resolutions up to 4K and screen diagonals up to 146 inches. However, “The Wall” All-in-One is only sold in 16:9 format as a full screen. LED wall should be easy to install with pre-adjusted fold and pre-assembled frame assembly.

The Samsung Flip Pro 2022 interactive whiteboard allows up to 20 people to work together.
The Samsung Flip Pro 2022 interactive whiteboard allows up to 20 people to work together.

(Photo: Samsung)

Samsung launched the Flip Pro 2022 (model name: WMB) in 75 and 85 inches for education. According to Samsung, the interactive whiteboard has a high level of usability and special features for hybrid teaching. For example, the newly added USB Type-C connectivity of the Samsung Flip Pro offers built-in video control and power delivery with 65W charging power. Intelligent multi-touch functionality allows up to 20 people to work together at the same time. Also new is the intuitive control panel, sensors to control brightness, and the front and rear four speakers. They customize the overall classroom experience and enable video communication even in a remote or hybrid classroom environment.

In addition, it should be possible via SmartView+ to connect up to 50 wireless devices to the screen at the same time. In addition, content from up to four screens can be viewed simultaneously, which is practical not only for digital classrooms but also for larger meeting rooms. The technology works seamlessly in the background, making the product easy to use for teachers and students alike.

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