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Second division club Hamburger S. wants to crown their furious race to catch up and secure at least the relegation position at Hansa Rostock on the final day of the match. HSV coach Tim Walter is expecting stiff resistance from the hosts.

by Ines Bellinger

It hangs on HSV like a curse: since relegation from the Bundesliga, “Red Pants” have finished fourth in the second division final. No one in Hamburg thinks it could turn around again. A few weeks ago, no one would have thought that more was possible.

In the 34th round of the game, coach Walter’s team wants to add icing to the pie with three more pointers in their last race with four straight wins. Sunday’s win over Hansa Rostock (3.30 pm, NDR Live Center with full audio report) will ensure participation in the relegation, because the chaser of Darmstadt, tied on points, has a goal difference, which is nine goals worse. . If Werder Bremen loses to Regensburg at the same time, HSV can jump to second and go straight up.

Walter expects ‘no red carpet’ in Rostock

Still anything is possible, but Walter does not want to offend his team at the end of the season with the table constellation. “First of all, we have to do our work on Sunday. We can’t influence everything else anyway and it’s currently out of my area of ​​interest,” the coach said on Friday.

I decided to play Santa Claus this year. So I try to keep it growing.”
Tim Walter when asked if he would sacrifice his beard if he got promoted

The task in the sold-out Ostseestadion will be difficult enough. HSV is preferred. But the northern rivals, already unsuspecting of relegation, have been saying for days that they are not ready to give up the game. Walter also “doesn’t expect a red carpet or we’re going to get anything for free. We’re going to throw everything and we want to take on the task. You become a coach and you work in sports for that thrill.”

drop? “Less-free eggs”

Walter was still covered, the last strong Finn He will be replaced by Onsi Sohonen (Broken Fragment). Nor did the coach want to run into a potential relegation opponent (VfB Stuttgart or Hertha BSC). “We can’t buy anything for unburied eggs,” he said. “I’m only interested in the game in Rostock, that’s the only thing we can influence ourselves.” The relegation match will take place on May 19 and 23. Departure will be at 8:30 PM every day. The second-tier opponent has home rights in the second leg.

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Celt Lieberknecht hopes for something extraordinary

When Werder does his homework, the thriller revolves around the landing spot between HSV and Darmstadt, who both have the same number of points and earn SC Paderborn. “Leylin’s” coach Torsten Liberknecht, of course, knows he has the worst cards on his hand, but he said, “We’re still — perhaps unfortunately for many — still there as a strength.” He hopes for “extraordinary things”.

Coach Hansa Hertel: “Almost like a trophy game

The same goes for the Rostokers team. Hansa coach Jens Hartl feels great respect for HSV to catch up: “There is a lot more possible for Hamburg, more than there has been in recent years. And that’s a huge boost in motivation,” he said. But the Rostokers do not like to stand tall in their homes. “We want to make our fans happy, that’s the priority,” Hartell said. “It’s good that there is excitement in the game, that’s what you wish for. It’s like a cup match.”

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Moritz Heyer withdrew from HSV against Hansa Rostock.  © Witters

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Injured Becker celebrates at Schalke

Despite some failures, the Mecklenburg team can practically cope with the game with the best players. Only the injured Timo Baker has been missing from eleven successful weeks in the past few weeks. Hansa would like to sign the defender, who was loaned by Schalke 04 during the winter break. “But the rise and his performance did not increase our chances,” Hartl said.

The 25-year-old Becker fought for a regular spot in the Hanseatic defense straight away – and recently made headlines because after being substituted in Ingolstadt last weekend through injury, he traveled to Gelsenkirchen to join Knappen for promotion to the Bundesliga celebrate. “He’s a young Schalke, he grew up there and he’s under contract with Schalke. We can’t deny him a promotion there,” Hartell said. However, the Rostockers actually want to ban the HSV party in the Ostseestadion.

Possible lineups

hansa: Kolke – Riedel, Malone, Rossbach, Neidhart – Fröde, Rhine – Duljevic, Ingelsson, Sikan – Verhoek
HSV: Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Meffert – Reis, Kinsombi – Jatta, Glatzel, Kittel

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Robert Glatzel of Hamburg celebrates a goal.  © Photo Alliance / dpa |  Axel Heimkin

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