Ten reasons to visit Tasmania

After more than two years, travel to the Down Under is finally possible – and without quarantine. We know a very special part of Australia. Reisen EXCLUSIV reveals ten reasons for a trip to Tasmania.

Furry and cute

It looks a little awkward as it roams across the island of Tasmania and is more reminiscent of a large hamster: the cute wombat. If you want to have cute marsupials in front of the lens, you can visit Maria Island National Park or in the area around cradle mountain to make sure. And don’t worry, at about a meter away, the furry little animal is hard to miss.

Jimmy Doros and Camille Helm

Usually Tasmanian

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, offers hiking to the local mountains Mount Wellington From its summit there is a breathtaking view of the city and the adjacent bay. By the way, in the language of the indigenous Tasmanian people, Palawa, Mount Wellington is called “Kunanyi”, which means something like “mountain”. If you want to climb the Kunanyi, you can do it the typical Tasmanian way on foot on the more than 40 hiking trails in the Bushwalk.

Check out Mt Wellington via Hobart

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Aurora Australis

Anyone who gets their heart pumping about the aurora borealis in Scandinavia and Canada will love the southern lights, and Aurora Australis Just as pleased. In Tasmania, shades of green, blue, purple and red sparkle impressively, because here light pollution from cities is significantly lower. All you need is a broad horizon – and Tasmania has it all over the place. So the eyes and the camera to the sky.

Aurora Australis over the Nativity Mountains

Camping on the coast

Simply pitch your tent in the wilderness for the night and enjoy an overwhelming sense of freedom. In the bay of fire Is it possible, there are kilometers of sandy beaches, turquoise blue waves and unique sunrises, then these giant fiery-red rock formations, which unlike powdery white sand present a particularly beautiful play of the colors of nature.

The Bay of Fire: The Coast in Tasmania

Stu Gibson

alpine adventure

subordinate cradle mountain It is considered the roof of Tasmania. With rugged rocky features, glacier-formed lakes, and extensive meadows, it represents pure wilderness. Don’t count on nothing Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park To the most popular destinations on the island. Those who come here want to relax and take a deep breath, just like the Tasmanian way of life. in your own way. Completely relaxed. And then you will surely see quite a few animals that live along the way: platypuses, wombats and, with a bit of luck, even spotted felines.

A female parker sits by Lake Lille in Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park

plants, animals and river

Myrtle, tea tree, blackwood, and the rare slender tree fern are found in only one other location along the quiet Beman River in northwest Tasmania. The calm waters are suitable for the perfect kayak excursions in the middle of the wilderness. Tours and equipment are offered at several points along the riverbed.

Kayaking on the Beman River is a must on a trip to Tasmania

Off the track

curious art

The adventure playground at the other end of the world is Mona, the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart. It is colourful, luminous and very provocative, surprising visitors with a food-digesting machine. Created by David Walsh, a college student, online poker millionaire and world-renowned art collector, the museum is a character that reflects the museum’s personality in all forms, and has been dubbed the “disruptive adult Disneyland”.

Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart

Jesse Huniford

beautiful lavender

While the backdrop is somewhat harsh in the west of the island, the softer side of Tasmania likes to appear in the north. About 55 kilometers northeast of Launceston, 260 hectares of lavender fields light up in the most beautiful shades of purple. Anyone who has written the dramatic color play on their “I Still Got to Go There” list should come at sunset and immerse themselves not only in the beauty of the picture but also in the scent of lavender.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Lavender Fields Must Visit When Traveling To Tasmania

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Mountain biking in the mining town

While the mountain bike season in Europe is ending, cyclists in Tasmania are really starting. A true mountain bike scene has developed in Tasmania in recent years. Island mountain biking hot spot: the former mining town blue derby With 150 kilometers of the best trails. European standards, modern infrastructure, unique flora and fauna included. And if your legs get heavier in the evening, it’s worth the detour to Derby Lake in floating sauna. Hopping into the cool water at sunset is amazing and gives you new energy for your next mountain bike ride.

Floating sauna lake derby lake Tasmania

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Heavenly at Thalia Haven

Surrounded by clear sea water Great Oyster BayThe sound of the sea in your ears, in the warm lather of your outdoor bathtub – just a dream? can become a reality in Talia Havenproperty on a peninsula of 130 hectares.

Woman lying in outdoor bathtub at Thalia Haven in Tasmania

Ben Hansen

All important information about the current Corona entry requirements for Tasmania can be found here.

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