The new home shirt 2022/23 is officially in store

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Bayer and Stendl show off the new Borussia shirt

The current shirt was a mixture of different eras, the season was just as mixed as the design. Borussia Mönchengladbach’s new look is more straightforward. Now the club has officially introduced him on their social media channels.

It is good tradition that Borussia’s last home game is a modern preview of the new season. Around 1899, Hoffenheim on Saturday (3.30pm, Sky) Gladbach will wear their new home uniform for the first time: a white shirt with a black and green vertical stripe in the middle. It is interrupted by writing the main sponsor characters. White pants and socks. The design cites the Gladbach tradition, but at the same time has a completely new look.

Captain Lars Stendel and homegrown player Jordan Bayer can be seen in a video from 10am on Saturday, which gives an official look at the new jersey for the first time:

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The black and green double ribbon had adorned Borussia’s shirts for the years 1971-1973, however, it was placed to the right of the viewer, and diamonds were set on top. The outfit stands, among other things, on the famous shotgun throwing game against Inter Milan. Previously, the well-informed portal Footy Headlines had, for once, incorrectly predicted when it offered a version that reproduced exactly this shirt. Shortly thereafter, “Footy Headlines” leaked the actual version.

“It is a version of the famous 1971 shirt with the same vertical stripe color position now in the center instead of the left side as before. Shirt expert Steve Abenovitz told our editorial team: “There was already a new version like this with Lotto, so I would have been surprised if That Puma did it again.” He described this season’s shirt as a mixture of Borussia’s different eras and sees the unstable season reflected in it. “After the chaos of the seventies, eighties and nineties of the current season, this new group is a step forward,” Abinovitz said.

The Borussia Monchengladbach shirt as displayed in the online fan shop.
Photo: Borussia Monchengladbach

The current season represents ups and downs, for the 5-0 win over Bayern Munich, but above all for the many bitter defeats, including the historic 0-6 at home against SC Freiburg, it represents constant turmoil, incompleteness, instability, to lose The aura of consensus that lasted for more than a decade, for a combination that was not appropriate.

In the new season, Borussia want to be clear and frank again, in terms of sport and content, just like the new jersey. “The shirt makes a good, tidy impression when tucked in center and sectioned by a herd of shepherd,” Abenoitz says. It reminds us of the cool ’70s, but it’s a version that didn’t exist as a player jersey. However, there is a sign with a vertical central stripe: the legendary Wolfgang Kleff goalkeeper jersey. Interpretation approach: Borussia urgently needs to reduce the number of goals conceded after two open seasons. This fits the reference to the strong man behind Torfabrik.

The new shirt has a style, it is based on the history of the club, in the time of the legendary Fohlenelf, but it is a version that only exists nowadays. On the “Footy Headlines” portal, it is currently ranked as the best by users of all new fashions known in Europe. It’s also liked by expert Kit Appenowitz but not his favorite of the modern Puma era that began in 2018. “At first glance, I don’t think it comes close to Puma’s first shirt back after the comeback and the simple black and white shirt of the 2020/21 Champions League season. As always, It’s a matter of taste.”

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