What is Freddy Bubeck’s role in Misery

ÜThere is a separate website on Freddy Bobic, the title of which is named after him. There it is still listed as a principal of Eintracht Frankfurt, so it is no longer up to date. Perhaps the operators just wanted to consciously blunder into the past, because it was more rosy than the bleak present.

The cohabitation between Eintracht Frankfurt and Freddy Bubeck will always be remembered as a successful cohabitation. So far, this cannot be said about the cooperation between Bobic and his new employer Hertha BSC.

Herta needs a point

The sporting director has been in office for nearly a year and on Saturday (3.30pm at the FAZ live bar of the Bundesliga and Sky) his club faces no less than the biggest sporting challenge in modern history. Hertha must prevent second-placed Borussia Dortmund from relegating to the second division.

Berliners need a point to be sure. If they lose, they should hope that Stuttgart does not beat Köln. Otherwise, Hertha will retreat to the landing site.

untapped opportunities

“We put himself in the right position, it just isn’t comfortable anymore,” coach Felix Magath says. That’s to say the least in light of the many opportunities to stay in the class that Hertha missed. The team at Bielefeld could have cleared everything up two weeks ago.

Shortly before the end of the match, Maximilian Mittelstadt, Luca Walschlager alone ran towards Bielefeld’s goal. But instead of 2:0 the score was 1:1 and a little later, Hertha not only missed a great opportunity to score, but also eliminated the opportunity to save themselves. In the last match at home against Mainz (1: 2) it was enough only a draw, but this also did not work out.

Now the people of Berlin are under maximum pressure, and with them Bobic. His arrival was supposed to prevent what happened next: another year of the relegation battle. In the past two seasons, Hertha has struggled to stay in the class. And this despite the large sum that investor Lars Windhorst made available to the club. It was 375 million euros.

Nothing remains of the optimism evoked by Bobek. In addition to sporting misery, the club continues to tire itself out in trench warfare. Investor Windhorst publicly called for the ouster of President Werner Gegenbauer at a general meeting on May 29, and the first motions were put to a vote. The brawls that Bobic now has to adjust ahead of the important match in Dortmund.

When asked if the arguments were disrupting the team’s preparations, he replied: “Not at all. The boys focus on match day. What we’re discussing behind the scenes has to stay there for now.” There is more wish than truth in the wording.

Many Hertha participants are not always scrupulous about confidentiality. “It’s almost natural that there are always rumors, especially at these stages and with us all year long,” Bubeck says, upset.

Bobic let down by feeling

He was always critical. In the club, in the team, and in expectations in the environment. But it is far from being judged for his actions only benevolently. exactly the contrary. The question of Bobek’s role in the situation became more important in light of the threat of relegation.

Most of his personal decisions were unsuccessful and made a decisive contribution to Hertha’s fight for athletic survival. Bobek, who is seen as a passionate person, often let his feelings down.

Unbelievable: Hertha has to worry again until the last day of the match.

Photo: nordphoto GmbH / Engler

He was the one who led the season for key players such as Matthews Cunha, John Cordoba and Dodi Lucbakio over the summer. None of the players he later signed came close to doing for the trio.

His open struggle for power with coach Pal Darday was by no means a conciliatory, and choosing Typhoon Korkut as his successor turned out to be quite a mistake. Under Korkut’s leadership, the team has slipped deeper into the relegation battle with each weekend.

The coach was seen by the audience as a close friend of Bobic. This fit the image of many critics, as the manager had already brought with him a large squad from Frankfurt when he took over.

With the growing need, Bobic brought in coach Felix Magath, who had not held the position in the Bundesliga for ten years.

Magath’s fame as a savior preceded him, and he has proven his skills in this field many times. Magath’s success in this feat again in Berlin will also be of great significance to Bobic’s further work.

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