Xbox chief speaks after Starfield’s move

Update from May 13, 2022: The announcement that Starfield and Redfall would have to be delayed for several months was not well received by all fans. So Xbox Team Leader Phil Spencer spoke via Twitter to concede:

These decisions are difficult for our teams that make the matches and for the fans alike. While all teams have my full support as they need more time to release these really great games when they are ready, we also heard your feedback. You expect us to deliver quality and consistency, and we will continue to work to meet those expectations.

As a result of the two transformations, Microsoft is once again looking into a long dry period with no major internal productions. And that’s despite the fact that a lot of money has been spent in recent years to be able to shine here from the Xbox series generation. while Sony announced that it will invest more money in its first-party games in the future to want.

Original report from May 12, 2022: HAt the end of April we reported one A former Bethesda employee shared some exciting details about Starfield had betrayed. This former Resetera employee Nick Hevy008 was already able to play SciFi RPG and was sure that the game was too ambitious and had many features and would not be able to appear as planned on November 11, 2022. At the same time, Hevy008 admitted that officials at Bethesda definitely want Keep this special history (Skyrim launched on 11/11/11). If necessary, the content should be cut off.

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It won’t be Starfield until 2023

Well, Hevy008 was wrong. At least in terms of Bethesda’s willingness to drop the date if it helps make the game better. The developers have informed their fans via Twitter that not only Starfield, but also Arkane Austin’s co-op shooter Redfall will be pushed back to the first half of 2023.

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