Al-Khatib’s car on fire: Waiblingen District Court sentenced to two years in prison – Waiblingen

The Waiblingen District Court sentenced a young man to more than two years in prison without probation, among other things, arson and violation of the Protection from Violence Act. After the trial, a police operation followed as members of two families clashed in front of the courtroom.

This was preceded by a love affair that completely spiraled out of control. The young man, born in 1998, and a young woman from Waiblingen met last year at a birthday party in Frankfurt. The young woman stated that she is a joint plaintiff and witness. At first they exchanged phone numbers, then they kept in touch via social media, they finally met secretly and stayed in hotels together.

He started controlling her

The relationship was very good at first, but changed dramatically after intercourse for the first time, according to the young woman. Perhaps he trusted her, started controlling her, locking her up in her meetings, and taking her car keys away.

She also said that while staying at his parents’ house while they were on vacation, he proposed to her, but later raped her after he fell asleep. Then he apologized to her, but also threatened to secretly take pictures and films of her, which he could post on social media and send to her family and friends. She was terrified by the idea that her parents would watch these recordings, and find out about the secret meetings.

A fight broke out while visiting the club

“I wanted to get the most out of it, but it didn’t work. It was hard for me to deal with.”

They then celebrated their engagement with the two families in Waiblingen last year. After the celebration, the couple visited a club in Stuttgart. There she met another side of her fiancé that she did not know before. He was very drunk and when other men tried to flirt with her, there was a fierce fight outside the cabaret.

After this escalation, they went to her cousin’s apartment in Stuttgart, where her brother was also staying. When her brother saw her fiancé’s blood-stained hands and her dress stained with blood, he erroneously assumed that her fiancé had beaten her and made accusations against him. She and her cousin could have stopped her brother in time, otherwise he would have pounced on her fiancé.

Al-Khatib wanted to end the relationship

Then, she went on vacation for a week to walk away from what she’s been through and make a decision for herself on how to move forward. The young woman said that this decision came after the rejection of all other attempts by the man to resume the relationship. After that, he harassed her at work through phone calls and even showed up at her office. He withdrew money from her account with her bank card, demolished her car and exchanged intimate photos. Finally, he announced that he would kill her.

The district court of Waiblingen then issued an order under the Protection from Violence Act, forbidding the man to have contact with her and come within a hundred meters of her parents’ apartment, where she lives.

Several entries in the Federal Central Register

The man, who graduated from high school and recently started a course to become a financial advisor, already has seven entries in the Federal Central Register, including for assault, extortion and most recently in joint aggravated theft. Because of this two-year prison sentence, he remains on probation until June 2023. His license to drive a car was revoked in October 2021.

In October he was also accused of raping a woman in a Stuttgart hotel. Then he was taken to custody. About three weeks later, he was released to take his exams as a financial advisor at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

“Multiple noses of coke”

Barely a month later he returned to Waiblingen to visit his fiancée. But he did not find it. Then he flew to Stuttgart to “confront” her brother. Since he could not find it either, he went to several bars in Stuttgart with an acquaintance, where he took “several noses of coke.” At about four in the morning he made a decision to go to Waiblingen again with his friend. At a gas station he bought a can of gas and filled it up. In Waiblingen, he poured it on the windshield of the young woman’s car that was parked on the street in front of her parents’ house. Then he lit a ball of paper with his lighter and threw it at the car. When the man and his unknown companion drove away in a rental car, the car exploded loudly and burned.

The court said in the court session that the damage to property due to arson amounts to about 20 thousand euros, and the young woman is left with 4000 euros because the insurance company did not pay due to the demolition in the previous weeks.

Detained since December

Since she spotted the man committing the crime, investigations weren’t rocket science, at least thanks to the stored GPS data of the rental car, mobile phone location and video surveillance of the gas station. An arrest warrant was issued for the accused, since December 1, he has been in detention. He emphasized in his closing statement before the verdict was announced that he had had plenty of time to think during these six months. Confirmation that the court likely partially ratified its verdict when it handed down a sentence of two years and three months in prison.

According to the director of the district court Kerbach, the fact that he admitted to arson through a statement read out by his defense lawyers supports the accused. He also apologized for his actions and tried to receive medication while in detention. “But you had your chance. You were on probation for the crime, and you were warned about the ban on approaching due to the Protection from Violence and Detention Act, from which you were released one month ago.

Trying to apologize is a little impressive

The court was also not impressed that the defendant’s family offered the young woman 1,500 euros as an apology during the hearing. At best, this is an attempt to mediate between the perpetrator and the victim, and there is no “great deferment for one’s own interests”. As a convict, the man shall bear the costs of the proceedings as well as the necessary expenses and costs incurred by the young woman as a joint plaintiff.

The man was returned to custody after the trial. The judgment becomes final after seven days if no appeal is lodged.

According to one of his defense attorneys, the man is facing a whole series of criminal proceedings, the subject and number of which can not yet be determined at all.

After the hearing, unrest continued between members of the two families in front of the courtroom on Bahnhofstrasse. According to a police report, there were insults, clashes and threats. Waiblingen Police Station is investigating the incident.

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