André Lüthi, president of Globetrotter, on trips to Corona and at war

It all started at Rennweg in Zurich. Blick meets André Lüthi (61) for an interview in the old town, where travel group Globetrotter has its roots. The desire to travel long distances is slowly returning, and there are various risks to the fragile recovery of the travel agency industry. Even as president, Lüthi remains a passionate traveler, regularly traveling to his clients’ dream destinations and gaining insight into the local situation.

Blake: I just got back from Nepal. Is the spirit of optimism renewed after Corona?
Andre Luthi:
not yet. In Nepal, Mount Everest is booming, and climbers almost fall back there because everyone wants to get to the top. But excursion tourism and cultural tourism have been on the ground for two years, hotels and restaurants are closed. Not many will open again!

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