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Manuel Neuer

He is generally considered a very ambitious player, hardly convinced that he played the last game of the season for Bayern Munich at the Volkswagen Arena and not at the Olympic Stadium (DF Cup) or the Stade de France in Paris (European Champions). league). In the past, in Bundesliga days like these, he at least had time to think about possible improvements in the future or to read a good book, but Bayern’s defense did not allow that in May 2022: Neuer also had to intervene against Wolfsburg and twice behind you, and that was one of the answers On the question of why Bayern Munich did not reach the final this year.

Josip Stanisic

(Photo: IMAGO / Joachim Sielski / IMAGO / Joachim Sielski)

He was not known in the Bundesliga for being a threat on target and thus received less attention from the Wolfsburg defense in a 17th-minute corner kick from Robert Lewandowski, for example, whose goal threat still haunts many Lower Saxony in their nightmares. He used the small empty space for a superb header to make it 1-0, and he can now dream of his second goal for Bayern Munich over the summer break – or Nassir Mazraoui, his new opponent on the right side of defence.

Dayot Opicano

FC Bayern in individual review: Undecided
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The Stade de France is well known as a French player and seemed quite content with being the Munich defender in Round 34, which was not always the case during the season. We must continue to focus on using the small matches against Wolfsburg as training. Not that Bayern Munich will play big games again – without Upamecano as manager.

Lucas Hernandez

FC Bayern in individual review: Undecided
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He was also not the hoped-for successor to David Alaba in the Munich defense, but he often impresses with his obscurity. He was rarely seen in a match against Wolfsburg, except when he was late. Just like Max Kruse’s 2:2.

Alphonso Davies

FC Bayern in individual review: Undecided
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He saved a goal in the 24th minute, but unfortunately on the wrong side: it hit goalkeeper Quinn Castells’ shot and prevented a possible but desperate save, so the referee whistled. Historic moment: For the first time in his career as a Bayern Munich player, Davies would have been doing quite well if he hadn’t run so fast.

Joshua Kimmish

FC Bayern in individual review: Undecided
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It doesn’t matter if Bayern play in the big European arenas, in Drochtersen / Assel or in Wolfsburg: Joshua Kimmich is always the first player on the pitch to warm up. In the 34th round, he was not lacking any of his organizational talent, leading the Munich match from behind, playing good passes and fighting in tackles wherever he could. However, he should also be the first to sign Manuel Neuer’s petition for more matches at the end of the season.

Leon Goretzka

FC Bayern in individual review: Undecided
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Deputy Headmistress Joshua Kimmich for the right attitude towards unimportant Bundesliga games. He went a long way and, after a temporary equaliser, addressed words of caution to right-back Stanisic. He will also ensure discipline on school trips to Munich next season.

Jamal Musila

FC Bayern in individual review: Undecided
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A little over a year ago, he scored a goal worth watching after dribbling in Wolfsburg, at that time it was still very exciting: this talented Musiala was capable of so much! Since then, he has consistently met all expectations, playing first on the left and then on the right wing in Wolfsburg and “participated in the match with great interest”, according to his report card at the Kimmich school. In the meantime, it takes the speed of his strayed teammates to block his targets.

Serge Gnabry

FC Bayern in individual review: Undecided
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He received so many long passes from Joshua Kimmich throughout the season that he couldn’t help but run so much. He was a constant threat to the right wing but lacked precision on the wings. He was disturbed by several rebounds and was replaced by Leroy Sane in the 67th minute.

Thomas Muller

FC Bayern in individual review: Undecided
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He often scored important goals in important matches, giving up accordingly at Wolfsburg and letting the others go first. He played stealthily, which with Muller means that the end result is that he prepared a goal and many chances. I walked off the field after 60 minutes on day 34 of the match, in a regular season from Bayern one could talk about rest for the finals, but as I said… the corresponding petition was submitted.

Robert Lewandowski

FC Bayern in individual review: Robert Lewandowski pats the Bayern logo in front of the fans.

Robert Lewandowski pats his hand on the Bayern logo in front of the fans.

(Photo: Darius Simka / Imago / regios24)

He scored his 50th competitive goal this season against Wolfsburg, but that was to be expected. Small gestures were even more important when trying to figure out if Lewandowski could be Bayern’s last goal. Direction: Very possible. Finally, sporting director Salihamidzic announced officially for the first time before the match that the striker had informed the club of his desire to leave. Only when it is farewell – this summer or the next – does one know. So, were there any signs? Once, for example, he gave up the degree in favor of a teammate, so was that a parting gift?

In any case, coach Nagelsmann tried one last glamorous campaign Please Stay and put Christian Fruchtel in play for captain Neuer – meaning Lewandowski spent the final minutes of the match as captain. Immediately after the match, he grabbed the scorers’ cannon, entered the curve on his own, let the Bayern fans celebrate with him, and patted his hand conspicuously on the Bayern crest. That sounded a lot like goodbye.

And the fact that he himself said in an interview with a Polish broadcaster after the match that this might be his last match for Bayern, supported this impression. He finally told Sky TV: “Sure, I still have a one-year contract, but I said we have to find the best solution for both sides, we have to wait and see what happens.”

Eric Maxime Choupo-Moting

He co-played with Thomas Muller and could have had the chance to make 3-2 a few times. He failed to do so, but was still able to spend a few minutes on the field with Robert Lewandowski. Who knows how many times this will happen!

Leroy Sane

He’s usually not the Kimmich/Goretzka duo’s favorite when it comes to commitment. It seems that something was planned in Wolfsburg: he tried everything to turn the 2-2 win into Bayern Munich’s victory, but they missed the decisive goal.

Omar Richards / Gabriel Vidovic / Christian Fruchtel

He started playing in the 81st minute and made sure Nagelsmann declared that he would give the talents game time in the final stages of the season. At least a little.

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