Freiburg between pride and sadness: SC wants to crown its season in the cup final against Leipzig

Vincenzo Griveaux was reasonably strong again when he appeared in the basement of Leverkusen and propped himself up on a concrete pole with his left arm outstretched.

Twenty minutes ago, the attacking Freiburg player was lying exhausted in the center of the circle and had to let his teammate squeeze out cramps from his legs. And now he is deliberately quietly talking about the smell of the first class, which the promotion club from Bresgau sniffed for a few minutes.

“Of course you want the maximum,” Griveaux recapitulated the moments when RB Leipzig were late at Bielefeld and the sports club were just one goal away from entering the first division after a draw at the Bay Arena.


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But as the enthusiastic guests sent their goalkeeper Mark Let it be in front of Leverkusen’s goal at the end, when the Saxon turfballs scored a long goal in the Armenia stadium to make the score 1-1, the SC’s goal was an orphan. Argentine Exequiel Palacios used this in the seventh minute of stoppage time from the midfield to make the score 2-1 for the Rhinelanders team.

There is no time to mourn in Freiburg

Instead of jumping to fourth place, Freiburg slipped to sixth in the final standings. Describing the mixed feelings that surrounded the Black Forest team in the league, Christian Streiche, South Korea’s coach, said, “It bothers me that Union Berlin has passed us. I am happy that we will play in Europe next year.”

They must now sort them out by next Saturday after the last two defeats to be ready for the first cup final in the club’s history.

The opponent at the Berlin Olympic Stadium is the same that the Khait team lost to in the long-distance duel at the weekend. Thinking of the National Cup tie against Leipzig, Vincenzo Griveaux’s eyes sparkled with anticipation.

“We can be very proud,” stressed the indefatigable Freiburg driver: “The Cup final is the highlight of the year, for some even the most important event of their career. What more could you want?”

In Berlin, there is a confrontation between Freiburg and Leipzig

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Streich: “I was going to tell him he’s crazy”

When it comes to outfitting the club’s display case with their first ever trophy, a coach wants to see an increase in quality when he owns the ball. With SC-Kicker playing against the ball, Streich was in full agreement at Leverkusen.

In addition, the 56-year-old praised his team’s “very stable performance” throughout the season and asserted: “Anyone who told me about a possible Champions League participation last summer, I would have said is crazy.”

Streich was also very impressed to be there when Rudi Völler said goodbye. Even before kick-off, he ran into the training area to warmly embrace the sporting director of Leverkusen.

Strych gets freaked out about Fuller

After the match ended, Fuller, 62, climbed the fence to join the Bayer fans, and with the microphone in hand, he chanted “Uvta, Uvta, Tatara.” Eyewitness Christian Streiche later commented, “He’s just an incredibly cool guy.”

The real Badener would also find it very impressive to miss RB’s third defeat with his side in his third final since 2019. Midfielder Nicholas Hoefler described the drop in fourth to sixth place in the last two games as “extremely annoying”.

Christian Gunther also admitted: “It hurts a little.” But at the same time, the Freiburg captain looked forward and predicted: “If we go down to the pitch with the energy we have here and are more determined up front, we will make life difficult for Leipzig.”

Old hand Vincenzo Griveaux already has advice ready to get you in the mood for the final. “It is important not to be too excited,” said the 29-year-old, and as evidence of his positive attitude, spoke briefly about the first division he had recently missed, stating casually: “Now this is not the Bernabeu for us or appearing at Juventus Turin. That is why We travel to another place in Europe.”

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