Kills a child with a blow, a fatal blow kills children

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Father, mother, murderer: Robert Eggers’ “The Northman” slashes its way across the screen in a primitive and lacking plot, but his desire for excess is at least in a bloody feud with our monolithic movie scene.

Odin’s vultures fly towards the vultures of the Roman legionaries. … Mythologically this means: Aesir’s return home, the white land from Thule to Avalon, and the imperial symbols on it: torches and axes. … not art, rituals will stand around torches, around bonfires.

Gottfried Benn: “A commitment to Expressionism”; The first 5/11/1933

A dream of Odin and Valhalla, of hardness and heaviness, of blood and soil. The first words sound strangely familiar and close to us, muttering about the present, and not just about the distant times.

Here is the little prince. Innocently and with wide eyes, looking at the world of the man into which he was born, and adoring his father–“He’s here. He’s here!…Father!…King, Milady, the King,” he rejoices in the first few minutes–and is glad that he has returned from his foray with rich treasures. .

Almost a hint of “Wickie,” the boy Vikings from our childhood animated series, sweeps across this totally different movie for a few seconds.

In the Ice Age of the Heart

Because it’s 895 in Iceland in the early Middle Ages. The world is tough. One dreams of Valkyries and Valhalla, believes in Odin and other ancient gods, and lets a witch in filthy holes in the earth predict the future. And when it’s always cold outside, it’s a real ice age in our hearts.

Photo: © 2021 Focus Features, LLC

This quickly becomes clear when the King was assassinated by his traitorous brother, Violnir. An evil curse from the dying prince: “Your kingdom will not last!” But the evil uncle, is also driven, as it will be discovered …

But first there is a massacre between the family and followers of the king. However, the young heir to the throne himself is able to escape at the last moment, not without bitter promises of revenge:

I will avenge you, Dad. I will save you, mom. I will kill you, uncle.

Murder, robbery and capture of slaves

And so it goes on, a leap in time, and the Prince, who is called Amelith, is muscular. Anything but a procrastinator. Somewhere far from home, he’s hanging out with a tribe of people dressed in wolf clothes, in “Land of the Russians,” as the subtitle explains, and doing what everyone else does here: fight, kill, steal, loot, pillage, plunder and catch future slaves.

Anyone who wants to watch this short excerpt, especially the first uncut minute of the clip, will get a very good impression of this movie and what viewers can expect. Moments of calm and serenity, poetry and thoughts are not for him.

there Northmanthe brilliant Hollywood production of Robert Eggers, starring dozens of stars including Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Claes Pang and Bjork beacon For a genius who is anyway the new shooting star of American cinema and the infamous control geek on the set, it’s by no means a dumb movie.

To great accuracy, a fundamental error

When in doubt, the team along with several ethnologists also reported themselves to the world of the Vikings around the year 900 and received good advice from experts and incorporated all possible historical facts into this film. In a way the effort was worth it, because you at least get an idea of ​​what life was like among the Vikings in the year 900.

On the other hand, in the end there was none of us, and even experts continue to put forward their ideas, assumptions, value judgments and party names in research disputes. That’s why it’s probably all just one giant cliché, even when the details can be well documented. We know this well from German films about the Nazi era: every epaulette is correct, every skull and crossbones emblem in the right place and the uniform is perfect – however, everything is, with great accuracy, fundamentally wrong.

At least one thing is annoying: even if you get very superficial information about Iceland and the Vikings, you can tell that there may have been very few small settlements before that, but the island was actually settled around the year 870. Only 25 years later The beginning of the events of this movie – it is quite clear that there is indeed some form of primitive state and culture in Iceland.

Otherwise, the film remains rather superficial, despite all the supernatural rituals and phenomena – valkyrie rides in the sky, talking volcanoes – “Ida” quotes and other Scandinavian superstition.

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